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Monday, November 14, 2022 at 07:00 p.m.

A new edition of 'Explorer URJC' arrives

The Móstoles business incubator launches the 2023 edition of this business pre-incubation program promoted by Banco Santander, in which the URJC has participated for seven years.

Raúl García Hémonnet/Editor

'URJC Explorer' is a program that allows and helps young people between the ages of 18 and 31 to experiment with entrepreneurship and to validate whether their business idea can become a sustainable project. In addition, for young entrepreneurs, the program will help to acquire the transversal skills most valued by companies.

The program, whose enrollment is open, lasts 12 weeks. In which those selected and selected will be able to work on their business idea to see if it can be transformed into an economically sustainable project.

From the Business Incubator they encourage you to participate in 'Explorer URJC', "give yourself twelve weeks to try, make mistakes, learn, be inspired, but, above all, to turn your idea into something tangible, understand if it could become a potential source of income and also, doing it in the company of people who are not satisfied with the world we have had to live in”.

'URJC Explorer' is a blended initiative, (or 100% online if the situation requires it). Entrepreneurs will have a great expert in entrepreneurship with extensive experience who will act as center coordinator and personalized mentors for each project called 'Xcouts'. Participants from Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, the United States, Mexico, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Uruguay.

The training approach is mainly practical and "based on social learning dynamics", they explain from the Móstoles business incubator. Those responsible for the selected project will enjoy a week in a European city with a group of 'Explorers' in a top-level innovation 'hub'.