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Tuesday, November 15, 2022 at 14:25

Know the role of the EU in today's world

Know the role of the EU in today's world Know the role of the EU in today's world

A conference analyzes the position of the European Union in the field of international relations.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

The day 'The European Union as a global actor in the new international context: progress and difficulties' (November 17 and 18. Fuenlabrada Campus. Lecture room. Classroom 106) is proposed with the aim of analyzing the role of the EU in today's world. The meeting delves into, among other aspects, the Union's position in the Russo-Ukrainian war or relations with geostrategic giants such as China or the United States, but also with regional players such as Cuba.

In addition, the conference will serve to analyze the position of the European Union on issues such as the fight against terrorism or organized crime.

“We are going to address these issues from a triple perspective: legal, political and geostrategic. Historical and sociological aspects will also be mentioned”, explains the professor of Public Law, Elena Díaz Galán, director of the symposium.

Experts from the URJC and UC3M will participate in the event, among them several university professors and professors, as well as other specialists.

"The student who attends will find an important group of experts who will address in depth issues that occupy and concern the EU", indicates the director of the conference, who adds that "although thanks to the work of the media students have a more Europeanist conscience, the day will serve to delve into lesser-known aspects of the Union”.

The symposium will be inaugurated by the Director General of Cooperation with the State and the European Union of the Community of Madrid, José Francisco Herrera Antonaya. The conference will be closed by the Vice Chancellor for International Relations, María Luisa Humanes.