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Thursday, November 17, 2022 at 13:55

A new parliamentary simulation lands at the university

A new parliamentary simulation lands at the university A new parliamentary simulation lands at the university

From November 21 to 24, at the URJC Fuenlabrada campus, the Simulation of the Parliament of the Italian Republic will take place, a project organized by the Student Association of Parliamentary Simulations (ASESP)

Núria Ripoll

From ASESP they have been carrying out Simulations since 2017 in which students have been able to learn and be part of the functioning of Parliaments around the world, from the Catalan Parliament or the US Senate, through the British House of Commons, until reaching to the European Parliament.

The Simulation of the Parliament of the Italian Republic is the new project that the student association has organized. During four days, the students will become Italian parliamentarians and will be able to debate from different political positions issues related to culture, the environment, or Italian justice.

The president of the association and student of the double degree in Political Science and Public Management and Economics, María Carballo, has expressed her enthusiasm for this new edition: “SIPRI is a very special project for me and in which I have very high expectations. When you work so hard on a project over a long period of time, you have a need to get it right,” she explains.

In this activity there is not only space for parliamentarians, since the presidencies and vice-presidencies will be in charge of moderating the debates that will take place in the different Commissions. For its part, the press and communication will be the fourth power. Through information and questions, they will be able to completely change the course of the debate. Those who choose this modality will be able to put themselves in the shoes of a newspaper editor or photographer, a cameraman, presenter or television reporter, or even be part of a tabloid magazine with all the gossip of the Simulation. Finally, the Staff, Logistics and Protocol team will be in charge of ensuring the proper functioning of the Simulation from within.

“From ASESP what we want is to promote politics and that students have the opportunity to experience it firsthand in the role of a parliamentarian. We believe that this is the best way to encourage students to be interested in current affairs. For this same reason, we considered that the best option was to recreate the Parliament of the Italian Republic” comments Carballo.

“SIPRI is a project for which I have a very special affection, I have been very fond of this type of debate and we hope that people will appreciate all the work behind it, which is also important” highlights the president of ASESP.

Four days from the start of the Simulation, and although registrations have already closed, SIPRI offers one last opportunity by announcing that any student who wants to participate in the event can do so through the link in the bio on their Instagram @asespasociacion.