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Friday, November 25, 2022 at 10:57

The importance of representing students

The importance of representing students The importance of representing students

The Rey Juan Carlos University celebrates an event to make visible the role of delegates, associations and other representatives of the student body, offering extensive training on the subject. 

Nora Fernandez Fernandez 

Next Monday, November 28, the I Training Conference on student representation will take place, organized by the Office of the Vice President for Students and the Student Council of the URJC. 

The act will be made up of multiple presentations, workshops and training dynamics, which aim to create a space for dialogue, learning and leisure for students. The meeting place will be the Rectorate of the Móstoles campus. 

As pointed out by the General Coordinator of Students, Javier Rodríguez Abengózar, the objective of the event is "to show the current delegates and all those interested in the matter, the attractiveness and the possibilities of student representation." 

Specifically, the Conference will address “the task of representing students from a multidisciplinary perspective. We will talk about how the university is organized, the different existing bodies and figures, the relationships between them…”, says Javier Rodríguez Abengózar.  

The meeting has planned two dialogue tables, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. The first will talk about how to encourage and broaden participation in student representation and the second aims to imagine what the future Student House of the Rey Juan Carlos University would be like.  

Finally, there will be training workshops on transversal skills that will be very useful for students. “For example, there will be workshops on public speaking and oral expression, management and use of social networks, conflict mediation or Design Thinking”, Javier Abengózar specifies. 

The Conference is open to all student representatives, but also to all interested students “who have not yet dared to take the plunge. With this, we hope to encourage them to become more involved in this work in the future”, comments the General Student Coordinator. 

Although at first there were 100 places planned, the organization of the event has increased the quota due to the large number of registration requests and now they are calling for the waiting list. 

Despite the fact that a large part of the day has an educational objective, "we also want the student representatives to interact with each other and generate synergies and work networks in common", according to Javier Abengózar. For this reason, a concert and a cocktail party have been scheduled to close the event, and thus "also thank all the work, attention and work that they will develop during the course." As the General Coordinator points out, this training is "a vital issue for the Office of the Vice President for Students, since these students help a lot in the development of our work."

The full program of the event can be found at the following link: I Training Conference on Student Representation