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Thursday, March 09, 2023 at 09:15 p.m.

New edition of URJCmun TEEN

New edition of URJCmun TEEN New edition of URJCmun TEEN

Yesterday URJCmun TEEN, the largest United Nations model for high school students in Spain, started at the university and will last until next March 10

Núria Ripoll

The United Nations Simulation for the little ones is celebrating its fourth edition these days. On this occasion, the organization is committed to eleven committees, three of them in English, in which current international issues will be discussed.

URJCmun was born in 2013 as an initiative to promote the interest of the university community in the United Nations, international relations and diplomacy. It was in the year 2020 when URJCmun TEEN was created, the United Nations model of the Rey Juan Carlos University for ESO and Baccalaureate students. Its mission is to help the younger generations have concerns that get out of the classroom and enrich themselves personally with an experience that will change their school stage.

This new edition, the organizers have wanted to value the role of women in society, and they have conveyed it in their opening act: "on March 8 we claim our place in society, it is not a day of celebration, because until we all live in a world in which we are not conditioned for being a woman, we will not stop fighting” explained Alba Tabernero, URJCmun TEEN staff director. In turn, the organizers of the event have sent a motivating message to all the participants: “May URJCmun TEEN be the place where you try it for the first time, and even if you make a mistake, get up and try again”. "May these three days be the step that helps you to know your concerns, and with them, to determine your future."

The inauguration ceremony was attended by the director of the International Civil Servants Unit of the United Nations General Directorate, María Bassols Delgado, who welcomed the new generations and motivated them to continue training as the people who will lead tomorrow, highlighting "the very important step that is for you to enter the international world, in which I have been for 35 years". In her speech, she even stressed the important work that women do today: "I always remember those women who are outside of Spain and who do not enjoy the rights and freedoms that we enjoy here, to all of them I dedicate today my memory”.

The biggest model in Spain

The first edition was held in March 2020 with only four committees and the participation of nine schools. After this first model, they had to adapt the second edition to the times of the pandemic, with a lot of uncertainty about the future. After a lot of work and effort, it could be carried out, although with the participation of fewer educational centers than the previous year.

The third edition, held in 2022, positioned itself as a benchmark at the national level in the United Nations models for the youngest. This year they are determined to continue maintaining themselves at the top.