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Tuesday, March 14, 2023 at 10:28 p.m.

New seminar on business strategy

New seminar on business strategy New seminar on business strategy

The Department of Business Economics, Applied Economics II and Fundamentals of Economic Analysis, present the nineteenth edition of the 'Seminar on Business Strategy'. An event that will take place on March 15 and 16 in the Assembly Hall of the Madrid Campus

Núria Ripoll

For two days, directors and CEOs of companies with great prestige at a national and international level will meet in a seminar to share their business success strategies, as well as their adaptation to new technologies.

“The novelty this year is that we return to face-to-face, which is highly valued by the students, since this way they will be able to interact with the speakers, and even give them their curriculum vitae. In these nineteen editions, the last two had to be by teams, and carrying out the seminar like this is not the same. We are clearly committed to face-to-face, which is the university model we have”, explains Carmen de la Calle, co-director of the Seminar.

The conferences are organized around a series of conferences given by senior managers of companies and aimed at students of the different degrees of the university. In them, the executives will analyze the factors that have influenced the success of their companies and will give attendees the opportunity to raise any questions they deem appropriate.

"For the student it is an excellent way to be able to verify that what they study in the classroom is reflected in the current business reality, with which their learning process is internalized even more." “We have enrolled almost 200 students from all campuses, among others, Business Administration and Management, Marketing, Tourism or Protocol degrees” explains the co-director.

"In addition, professors from the URJC and from other universities who know the Seminar from previous years come and consider it an opportunity to meet these prestigious speakers." “In previous years, teachers have told us that this Seminar has helped them a lot in their teaching, because according to them, they could give their students real examples of companies on the process of strategic management,” says de la Calle.

Registration for the seminar is free and can be done until next March 15. Students who attend the lectures will receive 0,5 ECTS credits and a certificate of attendance. All the information and news of the event can be consulted through the Instagram account of the seminar.