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Monday March 27, 2023 at 07:00

The war in Ukraine, from the press to the theaters

The war in Ukraine, from the press to the theaters The war in Ukraine, from the press to the theaters

An exhibition of photographs by Luis De Vega, a special envoy for El País, curated by the URJC, tours Spain inviting people to reflect on the war and its effects on people's lives.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

Luis De Vega is a photojournalist for the newspaper El País who has been in Ukraine since before the Russian invasion of the country. Now, thanks to an exhibition curated by URJC professors Tomás Zarza and Miguel Sánchez-Moñita, his images can be seen in a different and more relaxed context than the one offered by the newspaper's (printed or digital) pages.

The exhibition, entitled 'Ukraine: the civil war', which is developed within the project 'Robert Capa was here' (URJC-Anastasio de Gracia Foundation), is currently installed in the Torrente Ballester room in Ferrol. The exhibition began its journey in Madrid, at the premises of the AISGE Foundation and has already passed through León. "It was very successful at the Foundation and in León it has lasted 2 months." Ferrol is expected to travel to Lugo and then to Miranda de Ebro, Ávila, Zaragoza and Segovia.

“We are very happy with the success, it is constituting a way of transferring knowledge by changing the context of these images that are normally just a 'click away'”, point out Zarza and Sánchez-Moñita.

The images, a total of 42, show the reality of the war, but also how daily life makes its way between the combats. Thus, you can see photographs that tell of a wedding or the rescue of pets in the rubble after a bombing of kyiv.

"This exhibition is related to the objective of the project (Robert Capa) to give new meaning to images, in this case images of the present that connect with the past and future," say the URJC teachers. They add that their desire is to "end the exhibition tour with the publication of a book on the expression of pain through the arts."

The professors wanted to thank the work of the Anastasio de Gracia Foundation, with which the URJC shares the 'Robert Capa was here' project, highlighting the work of José María Uría and Pedro Hojas, coordinator of the Documentary Center and president of the Foundation, respectively.