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Thursday, March 30, 2023 at 07:30 p.m.

Bidafarma and the URJC sign a collaboration agreement

Bidafarma and the URJC sign a collaboration agreement Bidafarma and the URJC sign a collaboration agreement

The pharmaceutical cooperative and the University ratify an agreement whereby joint activities will be carried out and the possibility of doing internships for Pharmacy students. 

Nora Fernandez Fernandez 

The Bidafarma pharmaceutical distribution cooperative and the Rey Juan Carlos University have signed a collaboration agreement with the aim of promoting training and research and bringing Pharmacy Degree students closer to the professional reality. The agreement is a General Action Protocol (PGA) that hopes to establish a common framework to enhance cooperation between both institutions in the future. 

Among the actions that said agreement contemplates is the possibility of carrying out professional practices in the different logistics centers that the cooperative has. In addition, the holding of conferences and visits to stores is contemplated, to publicize pharmaceutical distribution as a professional opportunity, this being a key link in the drug value chain.  

Likewise, this agreement contemplates the development, implementation and management of certain joint programs, destined to the training of the students of the degree in Pharmacy of the Rey Juan Carlos University, improving their professional qualification. 

In this sense, the vice-rector for Research, Innovation and Transfer, Fernando García Muiña, points out that "with this agreement, lURJC bets that students have a training close to the industry and know better and in a very interesting way the dynamics of the market”.

The agreement was signed at the Móstoles Campus of the Rey Juan Carlos University by Antonio Mingorance, president of Bidafarma, and Javier Ramos, rector of the Rey Juan Carlos University. In addition, the signing was accompanied by the directors of Bidafarma, Pedro López and Juan Ramon Vicente, as well as the dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences and the coordinator of the Pharmacy Degree, Carlos Goicoechea and Pilar Carrasco, respectively. 


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