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Friday March 31, 2023 at 10:27

Many and varied teachers' books for this Holy Week

Many and varied teachers' books for this Holy Week Many and varied teachers' books for this Holy Week

The URJC university community has been very prolific in these first months of the year. Recommendations for this holiday period include publications on God and cinema, women in architecture, European urban policy, innovative currents in the world of translation, state legal immunities, hernia treatment and the physics of toys.

Raúl García Hémonnet/Editor

Easter is coming and, once again, the URJC brings to its university community a good handful of recommendations to take advantage of some of the free time these days. In this case, all the recommendations are essays, yes, of the most varied subject matter.

Cinema's relationship with God

'The silence of God in the Cinema' (Ediciones Cristianidad), by Pablo Alzola, professor of Aesthetics and Theory of the Arts, analyzes the divine question in current cinema. He proposes an analysis of this theme in titles such as Doubt, Of Gods and Men, The Tree of Life, The Great Beauty, Ida, Calvary, The Son of Saul, Silence, Three Announcements on the Outskirts, Nomadland and others.

The look of women in architecture

'Arquitectura con arquitectas' (Ediciones Asimétricas), edited by URJC Architecture professors Fermina Garrido López, Elena Escudero López and Raquel Martínez Gutiérrez, claims how through the gaze and actions of women architecture has expanded and “way in which we inhabit the world around us”.

The book navigates between the intention of making visible women architects hidden and forgotten by history, analyzing how women "has changed the way of living and has incorporated new tools into architecture" and the need to make cities more egalitarian and inclusive to serve to all people, regardless of their gender, sex or age.

Urban model of the European Union, governance and sustainability

'The urban activity of the EU' (Editorial Marcial Pons), the work of Susana Galera Rodrigo, a professor in the area of ​​Administrative Law, analyzes the urban policy of the continent and the new city models from the point of view of her field of study.

In the book you will find issues such as "urban renewal, green connectivity, less occupation and sealing of land and, more recently, the interaction with a decentralized and local energy system", according to the synopsis.

Understanding the physics of toys

'Understanding the physics of toys' (World Scientific) is the new book by Professor of Physics Miguel Ángel Fernández Sanjuan. In collaboration with two Indian authors, the URJC professor has prepared a manual to understand how physics works in a total of 40 popular toys of the most varied variety: from the yo-yo to the hula-hop, passing through the 'frisbee' .

The book is intended for postgraduate and master's students, but also for students who have never studied the field of physics.

Innovative Translation, International Law and Surgery

From the Publications Service of the URJC arrive three works also marked by the thematic variety.

'Palimpsest and translation in the new textualities of the internet', by Javier Arroyo Bretaño, professor in the area of ​​English Philology. This work takes as its starting point some of the most avant-garde ideas in translation studies, such as the outward turn or post-translation, and tries to update them to explain that memes, fanfics (stories made by fans based on popular works of fiction, ) or video games, beyond being translatable, are translated.

'Notebooks of jurisprudence and international news. State sovereignty, Human Rights and the gray zone of conflicts', a work directed by Francisco Jiménez García, Berta Alam Pérez and Elena C. Díaz Galán, professor and professors of International Law respectively. It analyzes the current status of state immunities and diplomatic protection, the legality of hot returns, the right to digital disconnection and the concept of conflict in the gray area.

'Infrequent and complex hernias', text coordinated by Manuel Durán Poveda and Camilo J. Castellón, professors in the Surgery area. It tries to be a quick and simple consultation guide for the diagnosis and treatment of very infrequent and/or complex hernias, which usually represent a real challenge for any general surgeon. A complete and updated review of the incidence, risk factors, diagnosis, existing scientific evidence and some procedures for different types of hernias that are exceptionally rare or difficult to manage is carried out.

A great thematic variety of recommendations to delve into different areas of knowledge.