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Friday March 31, 2023 at 11:16

Success of the URJC sport in the Madrid university championships

Success of the URJC sport in the Madrid university championships Success of the URJC sport in the Madrid university championships

The athletes of the Rey Juan Carlos University have achieved a total of 71 podiums in individual sports and 8 in team sports. The University will send, for the first time, 4 teams to the Spanish university championships.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

First in men's basketball, women's soccer, men's handball and women's futsal. Also at the top of the drawer in disciplines such as 200 m in athletics (H), table tennis (H) or 200 styles in Swimming (F), among other sports.

The results of the athletes of the Rey Juan Carlos University in the Madrid university championshipsAccording to Pedro Ramos, head of the Sports Service, "they are exceptional, taking into account the competition that has taken place in these championships, which have brought together representatives from 15 universities in many events."

The great role played by athletes from the URJC has caused the university to once again break its own record in terms of teams present in the Spanish University Championships. This year the representatives of the University will be 4 teams: men's basketball, men's handball, women's soccer and women's futsal.

Ramos highlights that at the URJC “we are not a youth team. Students who do sports see that there is a plan to promote sports, through which we facilitate their practice and that they can combine it with their studies. In addition, there are the successes, for example, of the girls in women's futsal last year (university European champions), or the good level of men's basketball”.

The Rey Juan Carlos University also continues to improve its sports facilities. Next academic year they will be able to offer indoor activities, after the summer and with the start of the 23/24 academic year "all the outdoor sports courts of the university will be renovated", announces Pedro Ramos, who adds that students who choose the URJC from the 23/24 academic year and those who are already studying their degrees and master's degrees here, "New facilities are going to be found"

The University also anticipates that, during this year, the tender for the construction of a pavilion on the Fuenlabrada campus will begin. In this order of things, an artificial grass field will also be built for the practice of football and rugby and the paddle tennis courts will be modernized.

A global commitment that materializes in the Sports Promotion Plan and that, as the results obtained in the Madrid University Championships prove, bears fruit.