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Tuesday, April 11, 2023 at 07:00

Carmen Gallardo, new president of the Health Education Foundation

Carmen Gallardo, new president of the Health Education Foundation Carmen Gallardo, new president of the Health Education Foundation

The Board of Trustees of the Health Education Foundation (FUNDADEPS) has recently approved the appointment of Dr. Carmen Gallardo Pino, former dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences as the new president of the entity in succession of Dr. María Sáinz Martín, who has held this position since the Foundation was founded in 2002 and who, as of April, becomes honorary president.


Dr. Carmen Gallardo Pino is a reference in the field of Health Promotion and Health Education in Latin America, and until a few weeks ago she served as dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC).

Having held the position of general secretary of FUNDADEPS since the creation of the entity, she will assume her appointment as president from April as "a true honor". “I worked with Dr. Sáinz from the origins of the Health Education Association (ADEPS) –precursor of FUNDADEPS-, in the training programs that we impart to many professionals. I am convinced that FUNDADEPS occupies a very important place with its programs and projects, and can also respond to society, other foundations, agencies and higher education centers with its training in Health Promotion and Health Education. We are going to continue to innovate, which is what the Foundation has always done, with programs that respond to specific situations,” she said.

Galllardo takes over from Dr. María Sáinz Martín, founder of ADEPS and FUNDADEPS and one of the main precursors of Health Education in Spain and Latin America, who thanked the members of the Board of Trustees for their disinterested collaboration over the years and asked them to maintain that commitment in the new stage that is opening. “The relays, like all changes, serve to continue advancing. FUNDADEPS has a history of 21 years and many projects to continue developing and expanding. Thus, this relay is to grow and to continue expanding the field of action in Education for Health and Health Promotion”, emphasized Dr. Sáinz.