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Tuesday, April 11, 2023 at 07:30

Two URJC students, winners of the 8M Photography Contest

Two URJC students, winners of the 8M Photography Contest Two URJC students, winners of the 8M Photography Contest

The photography contest, organized by the State Attorney General's Office, has rewarded the works of Jorge Blázquez, as winner and María Asenjo, as second finalist.  

Nora Fernandez Fernandez  

The jury of the first edition of the 8M Photography Contest has awarded two URJC students for their proposals. The objective of the images was to make visible the commitment to effective equality between men and women using any photographic technique.  

"Unequal Bases" is the title of the snapshot of Jorge Blázquez Toribio, a Criminology student at the URJC. According to the jury, the image has been valued from the conceptual and visual point of view, since it graphically and emphatically expresses the existing differences and the obstacles that women still face in all areas and at all stages of life. life.  

According to Blázquez, “I found out about the contest through a friend who gave me all the information and I decided to participate”. Something that he really liked about the contest was "that they gave us the freedom to use any photographic technique and I think that helps a lot when it comes to taking a slightly more different photo," he adds.  

“The idea of ​​my proposal is to show the inequality that women can have when it comes to finding a job or having a stable career”, explains the student. “I projected that idea into a track race and my intention was for the message to be clear, so at the start line the girl is much further back than the boy,” he says.  

As this is the first “big contest” he has entered, Blázquez acknowledges the enthusiasm that made him receive the award and, above all, “knowing that the message has been understood and that I have been able to transmit it well. Sometimes the photographic language can be much more abstract than the verbal one and knowing that it has been understood well is also exciting”.  

Another thing that the young student highlights is that "when they called me to give me the prize, they gave me feedback on why they liked the photo and what made it the winner."  

For her part, the student María Asenjo Bejarano, a student of the Fine Arts degree at the URJC, has been selected as the second finalist of the contest. Her work, titled "Imprisoned", was valued for its expressiveness and forcefulness when describing the feeling that gender stereotypes produce.  

As Asenjo recounts, she found out about the contest "thanks to the URJC Vice Chancellor for students, who sent an email to all the students of the University." She acknowledges that she was encouraged to participate because she has always liked photography and "this was an opportunity to show my artistic potential," she adds.  

When asked about the idea for her composition, the student confesses that it "arising from a personal project in which I show the body and the female gender as main themes, investigating the most common insecurities and fears that women have in their day to day". The objective of this particular photograph is "to show in the form of a metaphor the daily experiences of women and the social pressure they endure", explains Asenjo.  

After being selected as a finalist, the student believes that this "is a good opportunity to make myself known as an artist."