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Tuesday, April 18, 2023 at 11:41

The URJC organizes a congress with educational innovation as the protagonist

The URJC organizes a congress with educational innovation as the protagonist The URJC organizes a congress with educational innovation as the protagonist

The event brings together, in a hybrid mode, a large number of experts in teaching innovation and knowledge transfer.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

On April 20 and 21, the Fuenlabrada campus will be the epicenter of new trends in education. The II 'International Conference on Teaching Innovation, Education and Knowledge Transfer' Its objective is to promote innovation in these subjects through different symposiums. These events address all academic disciplines and together with plenary sessions and workshops make up the Congress program. The event “is intended for any researcher from all parts of the world. The idea is to find out about the strategies developed by the rest of the participants and that, almost certainly, synergies are generated between all of them. You can learn from everything, and it is good that we see what is being done from other areas of knowledge”. Explains Belén Puebla, professor of the Area of ​​Audiovisual Communication and Advertising, president of the Congress.

The event is organized by the Consolidated Research Group on Innovation, Education and Communication, INECO, and by the NODOS Teaching Innovation Group, of which Belén Puebla is the principal investigator. In addition, there are numerous members of the University in the scientific committee. Also the plenary sessions and some workshops are given by university personnel.

CIINECO is a hybrid congress, on the one hand, with a total of 20 symposiums that are held online and that have received 974 signatories from 31 nationalities that have presented a total of 792 communications that will later become book chapters in prestigious publishers.

On the other hand, the Congress will have 12 plenary sessions of experts from around the world who have prepared conferences and round tables that can be seen on the CIINECO website. Finally, the organization has prepared three face-to-face sessions that include opening and closing conferences and various workshops so that any member of the university community can participate. In addition, a social activity has been scheduled for Saturday in the center of Madrid, where learning will be mixed with fun.

As Belén Puebla points out, “for the university this congress is a window, a showcase to the entire world. You just have to see the presence of participants from 31 countries, along with a scientific committee that has members from 20 countries. This visibility is very relevant for the university, so that the URJC becomes, with actions like this, a university that is committed to educational innovation and the transfer of knowledge as two great fundamental pillars for the university that we all want”.

The vice-rector for Teacher Training and Teaching Innovation, Antonio Julio López Galisteo will inaugurate the Congress, an act in which Belén Puebla will also participate.

As the vice-rector indicates, “the URJC has a firm commitment to teaching innovation. Article 6 of the LOSU talks about the duty of teachers of Educational Innovation. As a university we have to support all the actions carried out in this regard”.

The vice-rector's office also opens the sessions of the Congress with a plenary session in which all the training and innovation initiatives carried out in this area will be discussed.