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Tuesday, April 18, 2023 at 11:46

All the information about EULIST, on the URJC website

All the information about EULIST, on the URJC website All the information about EULIST, on the URJC website

The Rey Juan Carlos University dedicates a space to the network of which it forms part together with 9 other European universities.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

Information, videos and news is what the university community will be able to find in the new space EULIST-URJC from the recently launched university website.

EULIST includes a total of 200.000 students and 20.000 PAS and PDI at universities in 10 European countries. All of them committed to the mission of educating the new generations and jointly providing academic, mobility and research proposals.

“People will find the basic information on EULIST, a large number of informative videos, access to the 10 universities that make up the network and the news that is generated”, explains María Luisa Humanes, Vice Rector for International Relations.

The objective, adds Humanes, is "for the web to become an effective communication channel so that the university community is aware of what is happening at EULIST".

With this launch, the URJC and the rest of the universities want to involve their university communities in order to strengthen the alliance proposal that will pass a new examination before the European Commission, during the next month of June.

According to Juan Manuel García Camus, local coordinator of EULIST "The EULiST website https://eulist.urjc.es/  of the URJC university is the central point where all the members of the university community can find out about the existence of the alliance, its mission and objectives, presented by the main actors of the different universities that make up the alliance”.

The website will offer, in addition to presenting information on EULiST events and news, and will also contain useful information for students, PAS and PDI, such as courses, mobility programs, research and funding opportunities, among others. “The objective is that it can be a useful tool for the promotion of academic collaboration, the exchange of knowledge and the creation of networks between the member universities”, concludes García Camus.

To support the goal of EULIST being recognized by continental institutions, the network has scheduled two activities that will take place in the coming months.

First of all, and on the occasion of Europe Day (May 9), the Rey Juan Carlos University and the Technical University of Athens will bring together their student ambassadors in Brussels so that they can explain the possibilities when it comes to doing internships both in the European institutions such as the EULIST network.

In addition, at the end of June the II General Assembly of EULIST will take place in Athens, which will be attended by the rector, Javier Ramos, who will lead a large delegation of representatives of the Rey Juan Carlos University.