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Thursday, April 20, 2023 at 07:00 p.m.

New poster for the URJC Summer Courses

New poster for the URJC Summer Courses New poster for the URJC Summer Courses

With an eye on the training offered for the summer, the University announces the poster of cartoonist and illustrator Juan Berrio to promote the Courses. 

Nora Fernandez Fernandez 

During the summer months, the Rey Juan Carlos University offers several courses to continue training its students. Specifically, this year they will be held from June 26 to July 7 on the different URJC campuses, although they can also be followed online.  

The poster announcing this twenty-fourth edition of the summer courses has been designed by cartoonist, photographer and illustrator Juan Berrio. According to Cristina del Prado, academic director of the Office of the Vice President for Campus Community, Culture and Sports, and organizer of these courses, "we contacted him because, as always, we wanted to add something new to this year's poster and we believed that his way of telling stories was something we had never used. In addition, his long and extensive professional experience made us opt for him ”.  

With this new and different vision, Del Prado believes that "the concept of the comic fits very well with the poster and gives freshness to the summer courses." In addition, “this format establishes good communication with the young, university public, who has another way of seeing and understanding. For this reason, we believed that Juan Berrio's style was a good way of transmitting it”, the academic director specifies.   

The poster is an amalgamation of moving characters that never collide but interact. Juan Berrio, who went to one of the university venues "to see the commission first hand", already had the idea after meeting with Cristina del Prado.  

“I was lucky to be able to chat with her for a long time and understand what she wanted; something that had to do with the university but that was not very obvious, with a summery, fresh touch and that's when I had the idea of ​​mixing students”, explains Berrio. "Developing that idea, I liked how it was turning out, I made a closed shot of people who cross each other, each one in a different direction, and I thought it was beautiful," continues the designer. Precisely, the faces of those people allowed him to give it “that university and summer touch; a cap, an ice cream, a pair of sunglasses…”, adds Berrio.  

The technique used for the poster is with acrylic line and the color is done by layers digitally.  

Promoter of independent comics, Juan Berrio has been dedicated to illustration and other aspects of graphic production for more than 30 years, showing his creations (cartoons, drawings and photographs) in very different types of media. The cartoonist has published various works in magazines such as BusinessWeek, L'expansion, MarieClaire, Elle, GQ, Quo, Cinemanía or Jot Down and in newspapers such as El País or El Periódico de Cataluña. In 2012 he won the V Edition of the Fnac-Sins Entido International Graphic Novel Award, with the graphic novel Wednesday.

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