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Thursday, April 20, 2023 at 11:30 p.m.

A multidisciplinary day with inclusion as a flag

A multidisciplinary day with inclusion as a flag A multidisciplinary day with inclusion as a flag

The event will reflect on the capacity of education, arts, music or sports as tools for social integration.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

This April 20, the Madrid campus becomes the epicenter of social inclusion. The URJC, through its Faculty of Education and Sports Sciences and Multidisciplinary Studies, organizes the 'I Conference on Social Inclusion' of this center.

The objective of these conferences is threefold, explains Fernando del Villar, dean of the FCEDEI, "to raise awareness among students from the university about the social problems that surround us, to generate the idea in them that they are social agents to reach the most vulnerable and have a positive impact on their lives and contribute to the social integration of all the faculty groups with the idea that we are all for social inclusion”.

For this, a complete program has been composed, made up of five thematic tables: education, art, sport and corporal expression, language and ethics and sociology. It has the participation of numerous professors from the FCEDEI.

Through the different presentations and workshops that will be offered at each table, the aim is to reflect on the ability of these disciplines to become integrating and inclusive tools both for the different groups of the faculty and, outside the university, for the most vulnerable groups. .

“The FCEDEI was created on September 22 and we have a vocation to work in an inclusive manner because we come from various sectors, we try to make everyone (teachers, students and PAS from different disciplines) feel integrated”, says Del Villar.

The day is mainly intended for students of the Faculty, but it wants to reach all degrees, "with the vision of considering students as social agents with the capacity to impact", explains the dean.

The vice-rector for Quality and Strategy, Andrés Martínez and Fernando del Villar himself opened the event.