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Friday, April 21, 2023 at 14:42

The degree in Criminology delves into trafficking and gender violence

The degree in Criminology delves into trafficking and gender violence The degree in Criminology delves into trafficking and gender violence

Through two days held this week. The degree, in collaboration with the Civil Guard and the Diaconía organization, has held two conferences on these important social problems.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

On April 17 and 19, on the Madrid and Aranjuez campuses, the URJC Criminology degree has organized two activities to learn more about the new realities that have to do with human trafficking and the work of the Guard Civil against gender violence.

The 'Multidisciplinary Conference on Trafficking in Persons' was held first. It dealt with trafficking and its new realities and was organized together with the Diaconía association. He counted on the staff of experts from this organization to reflect on aspects such as prevention, the prosecution of crimes and the public policies necessary to combat this social problem. "Among the students attending there were interventions by students who have received recruitment messages for trafficking," says Sandra López De Zubiría, recalling that trafficking is something much closer than we might think.

Two days later, on the Aranjuez campus, the conference 'Gender Violence: Police Action' took place in collaboration with the Civil Guard University Center. There, with the help of experts from the Benemérita, they reflected on equality within the force and the way in which the Civil Guard acts in cases of Gender Violence. This act was presented by the Vice Chancellor for Research, Innovation and Transfer, Fernando García Muïña and the Vice Dean of Students, Pablo Fernández de Casadevante on behalf of the URJC.

Although the two activities are independent, as Sandra López explains, the degree in Criminology "has the objective of strengthening relations with institutions and organizations and delving into aspects that go beyond what is seen in class."

As the main conclusions of both days, the vice coordinator of the degree points out that it was pointed out that, in relation to these two important social problems, “despite much progress has been made, there are still things to do. The most visible part is tackled but it does not go to the base of gender violence. It is necessary to raise awareness and work from all areas of society. There are new realities, especially in relation to trafficking, and solutions must be adapted”.

Sandra López is satisfied with the result achieved by the influx and participation of the students after "hard work".

One more example that the URJC deals with and is concerned with the issues present in society.