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Thursday, April 27, 2023 at 11:43 p.m.

The URJC participates in a meeting on the future of education

'Good Education in Spain. Proposals and Opportunities' is a forum organized by Unidad Editorial that has brought together universities, institutions and experts to analyze the main current challenges in education.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

The Rey Juan Carlos University has participated this Thursday as a collaborating entity in this forum organized by Unidad Editorial-ElMundo and sponsored by Banco Santander. At the meeting, aspects such as the type of university demanded by today's changing society, the present and future of education in Spain or the pending subjects of the Spanish educational model have been discussed.

The vice-rector for Quality and Strategy, Andrés Martínez, has pointed out that the URJC already has "around 210 fully robotic classrooms that will allow us to have both students in the classroom and distance students, we have to ensure that within the international consortia in which that we participate, students can study their degrees regardless of location and language”. Martínez added that "we have to ensure and certify this knowledge within these consortia with a European agency so that students leave with that backpack and can continue working where they want."

The vice-rector has pronounced these words in the framework of a round table dedicated to the role of the university in a changing world.

The meeting was chaired by Francisco Rosell, assistant to the director of Unidad Editorial (a group to which El Mundo, Marca, Expansión, among others, belong) and Rosa Visiedo, vice-president of CRUE and rector of the CEU.

In his speech, Visiedo wanted to relativize the fatalism that sometimes occurs with respect to the Spanish university, commenting, for example, "that, according to INE data, from 2008 to 2018 the Spanish economy created more than 1 million jobs for workers with higher qualifications while 5 million jobs with lower training requirements were destroyed'.

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The vice president of CRUE has also highlighted the importance of Artificial Intelligence in the labor market of the future as well as the importance of robotics and the rest of ICT. She has also stressed the need to increase the internationalization of Spanish universities, not only to increase influence in international forums, but also as an element of attracting talent, both among students and in research.

In addition, the former Minister of Culture, César Antonio Molina, who closed the event, and the former Secretary of State for Education, Montserrat Gomendio, participated.

With its presence at this meeting, the URJC, which has been the only public university that has participated, shows its interest in knowing, from the hands of great experts in the field, the changes in the Spanish educational model and thinking about the answers that the university can to meet the demands of a changing society.