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Friday, April 28, 2023 at 07:00

rethink work

rethink work rethink work

From the Faculty of Philosophy, the Arjé Association celebrates an event to commemorate International Workers' Day and reflect on vocation and occupation.  

Nora Fernandez Fernandez 

Today, Friday April 28, the Arjé Philosophy Association is organizing a conference to reflect on the concept of work and the consequences of its definition in today's society. The event, entitled 'Rethinking work', takes place on the Fuenlabrada campus, from 11:00 am to 13:00 pm. Admission is free until full capacity.  

With an eye on the celebration of May Day, International Workers' Day, "the objective of the day is to create a space for reflection to define the concept of work from a philosophical perspective", according to the Association.  

The most important points that will be discussed are, as commented by Arjé, "the critique of the sociologist Max Weber's proposal about the origin of capitalism, reviewing the genealogy of work, the relationship between the current conception of work and neoliberalism, in addition to reflecting on the post-capitalist desire”.  

From a philosophical point of view, the purpose of this day is to "question what we understand by the notion of work, as well as to question the link between work and vocation, which is a problematic relationship", members of the Association point out.  

This is the first day dedicated exclusively to the work organized by the Arjé. However, last year they also organized a conference around Labor Day, which was attended by the participants of the Marxist theory podcast, Café Marx. In the words of the Association, "the initiative to organize these philosophical conferences arises from wanting to do something special for May Day and to be able to reflect on issues related to this important day." 

The event was attended by María Ávila, professor of Philosophy at the URJC; Ignacio Escutía, professor of Philosophy at UCLM and head of Editorial de Fénix, specialized in the discipline; and the students Inés De Vicente and Alejandro Contreras, students of the double degree in Philosophy and Economics at the URJC.