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Friday, April 28, 2023 at 13:07

URJC students participate in a Euro-Latin American meeting

URJC students participate in a Euro-Latin American meeting URJC students participate in a Euro-Latin American meeting

The Rey Juan Carlos University is the only university that has participated in the organization of the 'Europe Latin America Student Movement Forum', which has brought students and young professionals from both sides of the pond into contact.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

The meeting took place last Wednesday at the Casa de América in Madrid and allowed young university students and professionals to discuss different current issues that have to do with Euro-Latin American relations.

On behalf of the URJC, the students José Walter Hernández (1st in Artificial Intelligence), Vanessa Sánchez, who is finishing her double degree in International Relations and Protocol and has completed a TFG on Latin America, and Fernando Sacristán, from the double degree in Law and Economy-

According to the vice-rector for International Relations, María Luisa Humanes, the students stood out for their "training, knowledge of the issues and communication skills." Humanes accompanied the students and moderated one of the tables.

The topics that were addressed were the need to incorporate the humanities into Artificial Intelligence, the influence of geopolitics on relations between Europe and Latin America, and the mobilization of the young electorate for the 2024 European Parliament elections.

The forum was inaugurated by the general director of Casa América, Enrique Ojeda. With its participation and collaboration in events like these, the URJC shows that it is “very committed to relaunching relations between Latin America and Europe. One of our interests in internationalization is to act as a bridge between the two sides of the Atlantic”, concludes María Luisa Humanes.

In addition to the URJC, the following have collaborated in organizing the event: Casa América, Talento para el Futuro and Canal Europa.