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Friday May 12, 2023 at 12:54

The URJC commemorates International Nursing Day

The URJC commemorates International Nursing Day The URJC commemorates International Nursing Day

A conference addresses the hottest topics in the sector and will include the participation of the professionals who disseminate the most on social networks.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

May 12 is International Nursing Day. It is celebrated on that date coinciding with the birth of the British Florence Nightingale, who is credited with professionalizing this work.

The Rey Juan Carlos University, through the Faculty of Health Sciences celebrates a online day in which “the current issues that have to do with nursing will be discussed. We have looked on social networks at the professionals who disseminate and participate the most,” says Inmaculada Corral Liria, professor of Nursing and Stomatology and organizer, together with the rest of the area's teachers, of this conference.

The topics that will be addressed are 'silver' health (well-being in old age), the humanization of critical care, nursing care in certain chronic diseases, cooperation in the field of health, simulation programs in the teaching of Nursing or the role of the profession in child and adolescent suicide.

The students have a relevant role in the event with presentations of the best TFG of the past year and reflective diaries (in which the students choose a theme of the practices they are doing and talk about them using scientific articles published on that theme Several entries must be made according to the medical services in which these practices are carried out).

The conference on the occasion of International Nursing Day begins today, May 12, and will last throughout the weekend and until Monday the 15th. The event will be inaugurated by the dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Carlos Goicoechea.