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Tuesday May 16, 2023 at 07:30

Sergio Cavero, representative of the URJC in #HiloTesis

Sergio Cavero, representative of the URJC in #HiloTesis Sergio Cavero as judge of the FIRST LEGO League competition

The student has just presented his doctoral thesis and is the candidate chosen to participate in the contest, organized by Crue Universidades Españolas. 

Nora Fernandez Fernandez 

The recently appointed doctor, Sergio Cavero Díaz, will be in charge of representing the Rey Juan Carlos University in the third edition of the #HiloTesis contest. 

The objective of this contest is to promote the skills of communication and scientific dissemination of doctoral students or doctors from CRUE universities. Thus, researchers must explain their doctoral thesis in a thread of a maximum of 20 tweets, in simple, attractive and accessible language for everyone.  

From May 1 to May 7, inclusive, all the participants posted their threads mentioning @RedDivulga and the doctoral schools of their universities explaining the main theme of their work. Among them, each university has chosen one that will represent it in the national phase of the contest.  

In this case, Sergio Cavero has been the student chosen to represent the URJC. His #ThreadThesis It is made up of 16 tweets that explain how to place different elements in the best possible way; in this case, how to seat their thesis supervisors and the evaluation panel at a circular table.  

“My doctoral thesis consists of solving optimization problems”, explains Cavero. “If I had to define what optimization is, it would be like saying that I look for problems to solve more specific ones”, he adds.  

“The structures with which I work are always in a circular shape and that is why I wanted to make the parallelism with the real problem of how to place people at a circular table, like in banquets or weddings. I think it is an example that people can understand and that is the objective of the contest”, comments Cavero.  

For him, the most difficult thing has been "relying on images, gifs, emojis and other hypermedia elements that help clarify the content of the thesis and answer the question of what you are investigating, without going into technicalities or specific aspects".  

The researcher defended his doctoral thesis two weeks ago and it seems that he managed to seat all the guests correctly at his table. After his experience in various competitions of this type, the student wanted to "encourage all doctoral students or doctors to disseminate their research in this type of initiative, such as Pint of Science, another contest of the style at national and international level”. 

Finally, Cavero has highlighted that, on many occasions, “the doctorate is a very difficult process, but I have been lucky to be very well accompanied and I have had very good experiences. This type of activity generates links and relationships with members of your research groups, your university and others, and I think those connections that are formed between people are very enriching”.  

In the following link, you can see all the #HiloThesis presented by the doctors or doctoral students of the URJC: #HiloTesisURJC. Between June 1 and 7, the contest jury will announce the three winners of the contest. All of them will receive an economic endowment of €1.000.