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Tuesday May 23, 2023 at 07:30

The world of work for young people with intellectual disabilities

The world of work for young people with intellectual disabilities The world of work for young people with intellectual disabilities

The Rey Juan Carlos University, through the Legal Clinic, holds an online activity with the TEAF Visual Association to address the keys to the first job of people in the group. 

Nora Fernandez Fernandez 

During yesterday afternoon, the URJC Legal Clinic organized an online talk on the 'Rights and Duties in the world of work for young people with disabilities'.  

According to the director of the Clinic, Marta Albert, "this talk arose within the framework of the agreement we have with the FASD Visual Association, with which we have launched different projects”.  

This non-profit association works with young people affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (TEAF), a syndrome that is largely invisible in society. "The first request we received from the association was a legal information talk, aimed at boys and girls who suffer from this disorder, which addressed their labor rights," explains Albert. “Many of them have a somewhat complex situation, with adaptation disorders and very peculiar situations, but most of them take advantage of the protected employment modality for people with intellectual disabilities”, he qualifies. 

This event, held online, wanted to resolve "the general doubts that we all have when entering the labor market and signing our first contract, in addition to clarifying the specific characteristics of this type of protected employment", comments the director of the Legal Clinic URJC.  

The talk has been accompanied by some slides accessible to the specific public, "following the rules established for people with intellectual disabilities," Albert specifies. One of the main ideas that have been discussed has been “the obligations not only of workers but also of companies and the benefits they receive,” he adds.  

After the activity, the Legal Clinic has left the communication channel open with the families to resolve specific doubts and so that they can consult any information directly.  

The objective of these activities is to raise awareness of this type of invisible realities and work to improve them, accompanying each person in their particular situation.