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Friday May 26, 2023 at 11:06

The URJC, outstanding in employability, according to the CyD ranking

The URJC, outstanding in employability, according to the CyD ranking The URJC, outstanding in employability, according to the CyD ranking

The university is among the best when it comes to its graduates finding employment in areas such as Business Administration, Economics, Law and the recently incorporated Journalism and Communications ranking.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

The Rey Juan Carlos University continues to be among the most outstanding in Spain in terms of employability. The CyD ranking, in its latest edition, has revealed the good level of the URJC in indicators related to employment in degrees and areas such as ADE, Economics, Law and Journalism and Communication, which debuts in the ranking.

In these categories, the Rey Juan Carlos University achieves the highest level of points in indicators such as: rate of affiliation to social security, rate of permanent contracts (after 1 year and 4 years of graduation), average contribution base to Security Social (in the same way as for permanent contracts), employment rate according to what was studied and the self-employed rate.

As Diana Benito, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Strategy, indicates, "that at a national level the CyD ranking highlights our high performance in employability, is the result of an academic policy that complements the training of our students by bringing them closer to the reality of the professional field where they will carry out their activity, once graduated. In all our degrees 'external practices' are carried out. We currently have educational cooperation agreements signed with more than 13.000 companies and entities in all areas of knowledge, as well as a job bank of more than 750 companies that favors the employability of our recent graduates. All this makes us the Madrid university with the highest employability in 4 of the 5 branches of knowledge”.

The Rey Juan Carlos University as an institution stands out mainly in indicators of master's degree graduation rate, recruitment of students from other autonomous communities (undergraduate and master's degrees), regional publications and publications with companies in the region.

The CyD 2023 ranking has analyzed a total of 80 universities, 29 fields of knowledge and 3.266 degrees.