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Tuesday May 30, 2023 at 11:09

The URJC and the Royal Moroccan Academy strengthen ties

The URJC and the Royal Moroccan Academy strengthen ties The URJC and the Royal Moroccan Academy strengthen ties

A delegation from the Rey Juan Carlos University attends, along with others from various institutions, a forum on the relationship between the two countries throughout history.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

Last week, in Rabat, the sessions 'Morocco and Spain. A neighborhood anchored in history, open to the present and future'. The objective of this meeting, organized by the Royal Moroccan Academy, was to learn about the state of scientific cooperation between the two countries and to analyze proposals for joint lines of priority research.

Rey Juan Carlos University was attended by professors Sara Nuñez de Prado Clavell, deputy general secretary, Agustin Martinez Peláez, director of the Department of Historical Studies, and Beatriz Soto Aranda, coordinator of the Arab and Islamic Studies area.

According to Núñez de Prado, "it has been a very positive event that has opened up a future of cooperation between the Academy (which belongs to the Royal House of Morocco) and the URJC".

In this sense, the conferences have served to begin to assess the realization of joint conferences in Madrid with the theme of 'Perceptions, representations and shared memory', in a few months.

In addition to this strengthening of ties between the two institutions, the Rey Juan Carlos University also participated in the presentations through Professor Beatriz Soto, who spoke about the relationship between school and immigration in Spain from the historical and sociolinguistic point of view.

The presentations, in which experts and academics from Moroccan and Spanish universities participated, addressed aspects such as: the representation of Morocco in Spanish school textbooks, exchanges between Spain and the Maghreb country in Antiquity and the Middle Ages, relations between countries in the Modern Age, bilateral diplomatic relations in History and mutual perceptions and representations, common heritage and shared memory.

In addition to the URJC, Spain was represented by universities such as UAM, USAL, ULPGC and UJA. On the other hand, the day had the participation of the CSIC and the Cervantes Institute.