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Wednesday, May 31, 2023 at 12:52

A URJC video game, finalist in the 'European Digital Skills Awards'

A URJC video game, finalist in the 'European Digital Skills Awards' A URJC video game, finalist in the 'European Digital Skills Awards'

'Blue ant code', the program designed by ETSII teachers María Zapata Cáceres and Estefanía Martín Barroso has been chosen among the 5 best proposals in the 'Education' category.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

This Tuesday afternoon the finalist proposals for the 2023 edition of the 'European Digital Skills Awards' were made public. The 'Blue Ant Code' video game was selected among the 5 finalists in the 'Education' category, out of a total of 96 proposals.

For the creators it has been something unexpected, “it has surprised us and we feel honored because it makes us very excited. We will be able to continue with the project and expand to other countries. Teaching, evaluating and training in computational thinking”.

The game is currently available on Google Play. 'Blue Ant Code' has been promoted in collaboration with the Portuguese NGO 'Tree Tree2'. The program has registered about 80.000 games and about 12.000 downloads have been played.

In 'Blue Ant Code', an ant accompanies infant and primary school boys and girls through a series of mathematical problems. Thus, it is constituted as a teaching tool and automatic measurement of capacities for the resolution of problems related to computational thinking.

Being finalists in the 'European Digital Skills Awards' allows its creators to think with confidence in the future, “we intend to add new modules to develop digital skills from different perspectives, as well as to continue with the deployment in school contexts. Regarding non-school contexts, the APP is available in more than 50 countries and the project will continue to grow, collecting more data to improve learning and methodologies, taking into account the age, gender and social background of the users”.

The 'European Digital Skills Awards', promoted by the European Union, aim to promote and recognize projects and initiatives that help European citizens in what has to do with digital skills.

'Blue Ant Code' will have to see them in the final with projects from the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy and a proposal from several countries on the continent. The winner will be announced on June 28.

An initiative that shows that the URJC manages to place its initiatives at the forefront of current educational issues, in this case, the early acquisition of digital skills and computational thinking.