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Wednesday June 28, 2023 at 14:04

End of Course Concert

End of Course Concert End of Course Concert

The Móstoles campus hosts the performances of the URJC Choir and Orchestra with a highly varied repertoire that puts an end to this 2022-2023 academic year. 

Nora Fernandez Fernandez 

Next Friday, June 30, the URJC celebrates the end of the course with a last concert by its musical groups.  

The Rector's Assembly Hall, on the Móstoles campus, will be the venue for the event, which will begin at 19:XNUMX p.m. Access is completely free until full capacity is reached and the concert will be directed by Gemma Camps. 

According to Javier Otero, academic director of the URJC's area of ​​culture, "this is the first time that the university has held an end-of-year concert." Only at Christmas did the choir and orchestra get together to give the musical touch to the holidays, "but we didn't have an event for before summer, so this year we decided to go ahead and do a concert to close the work of the entire course", adds Otero. 

The truth is that this year, both the Choir and the Orchestra have had a lot of activity and various events. Gemma Camps, director of both groups, highlighted the premiere of Blood Wedding as "a success" and "highlight of the year." The experience, Camps continues, "was very enriching for everyone and also a challenge. We worked with the composer and it was incredible to turn a work as universal as Lorca's into a musical."

In the concert this Friday, the three groups of the URJC participate: the Choir, the Senior Choir and the Orchestra. With several pieces from different genres, "the end-of-year repertoire tries to be a sample of all the work we've been doing this year, although there are things that we've put together expressly for this concert," says the director.  

Thus, the Choir will sing part of Gounod's Mass, the Senior Choir will sing several pieces from the 2th century to the present, with an arrangement of songs by Juan Manuel Serrat, and the orchestra will play Danzón nºXNUMX by Márquez. Finally, the three groups will perform an arrangement of Volver, by Carlos Gardel, which will put the final touch on the concert.  

With this ending, "we tried to unite the Music Classroom, which encompasses all these groups from the Culture Unit within the Vice-Rector's Office for Campus Community, Culture and Sports", Otero qualifies. For his part, Camps assures that this concert "is a nice way to show and share the musical reality of the URJC, so we hope that this end-of-year concert will become established as a tradition at the university."  

As director of the groups, Camps confesses that her objective “is to continue growing, and above all to feel that we are part of university life, that the choir and orchestra make room for everyone and anyone who wants to make music, which is a one of the things that most enrich our day to day”.  

Beyond the musical, the director assures that, from her experience, "the choir and the orchestra are also a way of socializing, of being at the university in a different way and of creating very nice bonds, in addition to carrying out projects such as Blood Weddings from which, truly, we all learn”.  

In the same way, Javier Otero highlights how opportune it is to do this last concert “in our house, in the URJC”. "The truth is that we always go out and look for locations outside the university, theaters and other spaces, but it's nice to close the course in the rectory itself and make room for this type of cultural activities."  

Here, the complete program of the End of Course Concert.