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Thursday, June 29, 2023 at 10:47

"Furniture cosmologies: public space dialogue", course on street furniture

"Furniture cosmologies: public space dialogue", course on street furniture "Furniture cosmologies: public space dialogue", course on street furniture

Dedicated to the design of efficient urban furniture, the workshop took place in the facilities of the old San Carlos Hospital on the Aranjuez campus and within the programming of the summer courses.


From June 26 to 28, several professors and professors of Architecture have collaborated with students in the manufacture of furniture prototypes to be used outside cities and municipalities. 

The process has been an interesting cooperation between architects, industrial designers, landscapers, teachers and students, thereby establishing collective synergies of great value that have favored ideas and efficient manufacturing.

The course has been sponsored by the company escofet which has been dedicated to projects for the improvement of public spaces based on street furniture, lighting and design paving since 1886. Two of its designers, Oriol Roig and Enric Pericas, have shared their experience in functional manufacturing and ideation with students and teachers. The models.

The prototypes were made for the space in the inner courtyard of the Hospital Headquarters. 

The Escofet company has provided the budget for the cardboard material and cutting and gluing tools for the workshop. 

Those responsible for the course have valued the experience "of great value for reflection on urban space, ecology and the sustainability of materials as well as the scale of the furniture, its versatile utility and its ability to promote relationships and social interactions thanks to the objective force of furniture objects”.

The course has been organized by the professors of the Degree in Fundamentals of Architecture of the School of Engineering of Fuenlabrada with the coordination of Lucila Urda, Marlix Pérez and Virginia de Jorge Huertas.