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Friday June 30, 2023 at 11:37

The URJC is committed to the protection of cultural heritage

The URJC is committed to the protection of cultural heritage The URJC is committed to the protection of cultural heritage

Collectors, museum directors and representatives of the State security forces and bodies participate in a summer course dedicated to the security and conservation of works of art.

rose marquez

One tends to think that pieces of art are safe in museums, however they are exposed to theft, vandalism or attack by environmental activists trying to get media attention to fight climate change. Although the latter do not seek to damage works of art, they have become a concern for heritage conservators, who warn about the fragility of the exhibited works. To discuss these issues and try to find solutions, the Rey Juan Carlos University, in collaboration with the Royal Mint, has brought together experts from around the world in the summer course 'Security and protection of cultural heritage. Looking for synergies in the art market'.

˝The idea is to bring together the public sector, the private sector and state security forces and bodies so that together we can create a more professional, transparent and safe cultural environment”, explains Ana Vico, organizer of the course and director of the university master's degree in Management of URJC Art Market. Among the participating speakers are experts from the Heritage Brigade of the National Police, the Civil Guard, the Italian Technological Institute and representatives of the art market, such as Consuelo Durán, from Subastas Durán.

Among the topics that will be addressed at the discussion tables is the use of Artificial Intelligence to detect counterfeiting, a novel tool that will play a crucial role in the coming years. “The art market also needs the latest technologies to protect itself and try to get ahead of the bad guys, who are always one step ahead,” says Vico. The course is taught in two days, on June 29 and 30 and is completed with a guided visit to the permanent exhibition of the Casa de la Moneda Museum.