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Friday, December 01, 2023 at 06:30 p.m.

The URJC at the head of the HAZ Foundation's '2023 Transparency Exam'

The URJC at the head of the HAZ Foundation's '2023 Transparency Exam' The URJC at the head of the HAZ Foundation's '2023 Transparency Exam'

The report analyzes the performance in this matter of a total of 49 public universities and 26 private universities that present themselves voluntarily.

Writing/Raúl García Hémonnet

The eleventh edition of the HAZ Foundation report “Transparency Exam 2023. Voluntary transparency report on the Spanish universities website” has just been published.

According to this report, The URJC complies with all transparency indicators, obtaining 56 points, the highest possible score, complying with the 28 total indicators. The score of the Rey Juan Carlos University (100%) is higher than the average of public universities, which stands at 89% compliance. The Rey Juan Carlos University is one of the four universities that this year have obtained 100% compliance along with the universities of Alicante, Cantabria and Huelva.

This study highlights that the URJC is one of the nine universities to comply with the 'Social Responsibility Report' indicators and of the seven that comply with the 'Duties of diligence and loyalty' indicator. By publishing all the information related to its Social Council, the Rey Juan Carlos University also complies with the 'Social Council Budget' and 'Control Report' indicators. The report highlights that the effort of this university to respond to the demands related to the performance and accountability of the social council has been especially significant.

According to the HAZ Foundation, “thanks to the work carried out for years in terms of transparency, the Rey Juan Carlos University complies with 100% of the indicators and obtains, once again, the t*** seal from the HAZ Foundation. seal that is awarded to those entities that meet between 90 and 100% of the indicators.”

As Diana Benito, deputy vice-rector for Strategy at the URJC, explains, “Since 2018, the Rey Juan Carlos University has been improving its performance in transparency until reaching the highest score in the last two editions of the HAZ Foundation report, the 100% compliance in all indicators. This is due to an institutional commitment and commitment to transparency, which also indirectly affects continuing to maintain the first position in these reports.” Benito adds that, “we believe that one of the ways to strengthen society's trust in institutions is to know them, to have all their relevant information. We have opted for it."

With these results, the URJC once again ranks among the best in Spain in transparency and continues its successful path in this matter.