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Tuesday, February 20, 2024 at 13:07 p.m.

High School students visit the Aranjuez Campus

High School students visit the Aranjuez Campus High School students visit the Aranjuez Campus

La activity, held this Monday, February 19, is part of the program 'Visits to our campuses' of the University Information and Orientation Service of the URJC.


More than 200 high school students have visited the facilities of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in Aranjuez at a time when they must decide where to start their studies. Due to the large volume of visiting students and the size of the facilities, the explanations and tour have been attended by three teachers and three students from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, who have divided up the tasks to successfully carry out the activity. . Thus, Professor Félix Labrador, professor in the area of ​​Modern History and Vice Dean of Academic Organization and Students at the FAH, has been in charge of receiving students and professors in the Hall of Degrees and describing the functioning of the URJC in general and , specifically, the Degrees and Double Degrees that can be studied at the Faculty.

On the other hand, the FAH teachers, Ana Esther Santamaría and Helena Domínguez, together with the students Lucía Domínguez, Paula Jiménez and Thiago Augusto, took a guided tour of the facilities.

In addition, the visitors have had the collaboration of Professor Antonio Vigo from the Sculpture area, who has explained the operation of some of the classrooms, transmitting his knowledge and enthusiasm for teaching and artistic practice. Among them, the tent under which the outdoor sculpture workshop is located, in the courtyard of the barracks, where he has detailed the different techniques and materials available, such as sculpting and carving, as well as the forge that the Pavia building for metal working.

From the Faculty of Arts and Humanities they affirm that: “The visit has been a resounding success, since practically all attendees have expressed their interest in taking one of the Degrees or Double Degrees offered by our faculty and that do not exist in any other university. public of the Community of Madrid”. They also add that: “The interest is also reflected in the fact that, increasingly, the Aranjuez campus is the place chosen not only by students from Madrid but also by students from other provinces, as is the case of Toledo.

The students, mainly from Baccalaureate, came from the IES El Greco (Artistic Baccalaureate) of Toledo, the IES Joaquín Araujo (Baccalaureate of Plastic Arts, Image and Design) of Fuenlabrada and the Loyola-Salesianos School of Aranjuez, where another group participated. heterogeneous group of 4th ESO students.