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Thursday, February 22, 2024 at 13:25

Students promote a conference on economics

Students promote a conference on economics Students promote a conference on economics

The student association 'HERMES URJC' organizes the 'I Economic Theory Conference' in collaboration with the College of Economists of Madrid. The event will take place between this, Thursday the 22nd, and Friday the 23rd, at the URJC campus in Vicálvaro.

Ramon Machuca

The congress will discuss the different areas of study within the economic field through three presentations a day. The event will end with a round table in which top-level experts will debate topics discussed at the conference such as Austrian economics, monetary policy or behavioral economics.

The inauguration of the event will be carried out by Amelia Pérez Zabaleta, dean of the College of Economists of Madrid, Miguel Cuerdo Mir, dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences of the URJC and Mario Balsera Rodríguez president of 'HERMES URJC' and delegate of the economics degree.

Once they reach the main part of the event, attendees will be able to attend presentations by economists of the stature of Miguel Ángel Alonso Neira, doctor in Economics and professor at the URJC or Artem Pankratov, economist, communicator and disseminator at 'Geekonony' , among others.

These conferences aim to “provide a space for the exchange of knowledge, offer training that is not given in classrooms, and promote research and development in different areas of the economy,” says Balsera.

In this sense, the president of 'HERMES URJC' also wanted to highlight that attendees will have the opportunity to “learn about the current situation of the global and national economy, as well as connect with other students, professors and economists, opening doors to opportunities. collaboration, professional practices or employment.”

On this first day of the event, attendance has been “very good”, even filling the Vicálvaro classroom.

'HERMES URJC' is the Association of Economics and Business students of the Rey Juan Carlos University. Since its foundation in 2023, they have worked with the objective of bringing students closer to the economic and business reality, both national and international.