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Students raise awareness about drought

Students raise awareness about drought Students raise awareness about drought

The second-year students of the Biology degree at the Rey Juan Carlos University developed, last December, a service-learning activity in educational centers attached to the University.

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The activity consisted of training students about the problem of drought in Spain. To this end, the URJC students held various talks and experimental workshops in which they explained the stress situation that the Mediterranean Basin is currently experiencing due to the decrease in water available in soils.

In this sense, the future biologists designed a workshop with the objective of having the young students answer the question about why crops cannot be planted indiscriminately in any type of soil, analyzing what the consequences of these practices are, both in agriculture as well as environmentally. Finally, the adolescents, with the help of the university students, developed simple protocols to make agricultural management more sustainable, with greater water efficiency.

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María Carmen Molina Cobos, professor of Biology at the URJC, highlights that: “The work carried out by our students was exceptional, they gladly developed all the general competencies of the subject and also the social and sustainability competencies of the CRUE.”

The attendees who received the workshop “enjoyed and above all acquired awareness of the complexity of the problem and the need to care and provide simple, but very effective solutions,” says Molina Cobos.

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