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Wednesday, February 28, 2024 at 13:56

The importance of applying AI to teaching

The importance of applying AI to teaching The importance of applying AI to teaching

The seminar 'Trends in Artificial Intelligence in University Education' seeks to respond to all questions.The issues related to this tool in the field of teaching.

David Viera

The event is coordinated by the Training Unit, belonging to the Vice-Rector's Office for Transformation and Digital Education and Artificial Intelligence. It takes place today, February 28, on the Madrid-Vicálvaro campus and is aimed at Teaching and Research Staff. "The main objective is to make the URJC teaching community aware of the opportunities that are generated with AI in the field of university teaching," declares Antonio Julio López Galisteo, Deputy Vice-Rector for Institutional Training.

The seminar will feature the participation of speakers specialized in the topic from different universities: Ricardo Vergaz, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Infrastructure at UC3M; Roberto Carballedo, staff of the Teaching Innovation Unit of the University of Deusto; o Melchor Gómez, director of the Master's Degree in ICT in Education and Training at the Autonomous University of Madrid. “These professionals will present how their educational institutions are addressing this disruptive change that the emergence of this new technology has generated,” explains the deputy vice-rector.

"AI opens up a new scenario for us in the educational field, and as university teachers we must explore and investigate its possible benefits and dangers: identify both to enhance the former and mitigate the latter," explains Galisteo, pointing out that this approach is one of the important actions that are part of the URJC Power-U project.

“On the other hand, it seems evident that AI is going to transform practically all business sectors, so our obligation as a university is to train and prepare the best professionals for the work environment that they will find in a few years, when they graduate” Galisteo points out.