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Thursday, February 29, 2024 at 13:59

The impact of artificial intelligence on the business ecosystem

The impact of artificial intelligence on the business ecosystem The impact of artificial intelligence on the business ecosystem

The Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences of the URJC organizes this seminar in order to explain the figure and influence of AI in the environment industrial.

David Viera

The aforementioned FCJP, the Alcobendas City Council, the City of Alcobendas Foundation and the 'Alcobendas Hub' have organized 'iAlcobendas. Decoding AI: Keys to understanding its impact on the business ecosystem' in order to create an essential meeting point for those seeking to understand and apply Artificial Intelligence in their fields of action. This seminar takes place today, February 29 at 18:30 p.m. in the town's 'Astara' auditorium.

This event is within the framework of a cycle of bimonthly conferences that will take place during 2024, and will be under the direction of Antonio Serrano Acitores, professor of Commercial Law at the URJC.

The event will feature personalities such as Elisabetta Bracco, managing director of the City of Alcobendas Foundation; Rocío García, mayor of Alcobendas; and Elena González-Blanco, CEO of the artificial intelligence infrastructure platform 'Clibrain'.

“The main objective of this seminar is to demystify artificial intelligence and provide a clear and accessible understanding of how this disruptive technology is transforming the business ecosystem,” explains Acitores, who claims to have high expectations for this event, going so far as to state that “ It will be a turning point for many of the attendees” regarding knowledge of AI

The professor wanted to highlight the importance of education about how AI works, and that it should be integrated into all areas of teaching. “We live in an era where Artificial Intelligence is reshaping entire industries, economies and societies. Understanding AI, its fundamental principles, its applications, and its social and civic applications are not only a competitive advantage, but a civic necessity,” says Acitores.

Finally, it should be noted that the event can be followed through the following link.