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Wednesday, March 13, 2024 at 13:54 p.m.

Everything related to employment on the Madrid campus

Everything related to employment on the Madrid campus Everything related to employment on the Madrid campus

The first edition of the Job Fair arrives at the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences.

David Viera

Today, March 13, the Madrid campus library, located in the Vicálvaro district, will host this event, which aims to empower students, providing them with tools, knowledge and opportunities to forge a successful career by enhancing their employability. This fair seeks to connect students with prominent law firms, legal consultancies, political consultancies and leading companies.

The Job Fair is an initiative of the dean of the FCJP, María Enciso, in which the dean's team collaborates in coordination with the External Practices Unit of the URJC and the coordinators of the degrees linked to the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences .

Among the companies attending the event we find the human resources company Adecco, the multinational focused on improving the user experience Intelcia, or the international legal services advisory firm, Garrigues. Other institutions such as the Professional College of Criminology of the Community of Madrid, the 'LISA Institute S.L', or Gómez-Acebo y Pombo, will be present at the event.

“Another 10 organizations/companies and institutions will participate in the 3 round tables that are organized and that will also be available to students,” explains Rut Bermejo, coordinator of Transparency, Good Governance and University Environment of the faculty, and responsible for this event. “The idea is to cover all the employment options that can be opened to FCJP students,” highlights the organizer.