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Friday March 22, 2024 at 12:47

The URJC media continues to grow

The URJC media continues to grow The URJC media continues to grow

The followers of the profiles on the social networks of the Rey Juan Carlos University increase. 

Ramon Machuca 

In 2023, Rey Juan Carlos University has experienced a general rise in the audience of its own media. The corporate website of the URJC continues to be the most visited channel of all of them, adding a total of 749.000 views this month. 

New web users have increased slightly, reaching a total of 194.000. For their part, the news The most visited have to do with the research carried out by the University and the implementation of AI. 

The most viewed news of 2023 is 'Graduations already have a date', with more than 4.014 visits. They are followed by the piece on artificial intelligence 'A guide to getting the most out of Chat GPT', which reached more than 3.600 visits; and 'The British Ecological Society awards Angela Illuminati', with more than 3.390 views. 

The typical profile of the website visitor is that of a woman between 45 and 54 years old, who lives in Madrid and whose preferred connection time is 12 noon. 

The most social University 

With regard to the social networks of the University, the channel of LinkedIn of the URJC is the one that experiences the greatest growth, going from 164.340 followers in mid-2023 to 176.030 at the time this news is published, which represents an increase of 11.690 users 

The second network that has grown the most during the last year has been Instagram, with more than 4.300 new followers. With this increase, the profile reaches more than 24.100 followers. For its part, Facebook experiences an increase of almost 1000 followers, reaching a total of 46.989. 

YouTube, has 66.300 followers, with these figures, the URJC continues to remain among the 120 most influential universities in the world on this network, according to the YouTube University Ranking.  

Finally, Twitter It goes from having 54.900 followers in mid-2023 to 55.188 on the day this news is published, which indicates an increase of 288 users. For its part, the URJC APP registers an average of 90.000 downloads per day. 

In addition, during the year 2023, 846 events at the Rey Juan Carlos University, bringing together a total of 27.487 attendees. 

Appearance in media 

The Communication Directorate of the URJC has managed 73 interviews with experts from the Rey Juan Carlos University during 2023. In addition, that same year, the institution was mentioned 1796 times in 563 different media, both national and international. This department is also responsible for managing the 60 screens spread throughout the URJC facilities. 

In section Press Room On the website, users can find the Press Dossier of this course, both in Spanish and English, and consult information about the University and its main achievements. In this section of the website, you will find the 2023-2025 Communication Plan, which contains the main objectives of the Communication Department, as well as the main milestones achieved by it. If they continue browsing this section, interested people will also be able to find the corporate identity manual and the 'Voices of the Future' expert guide, among others.

To improve and establish a common standard when writing news, the University Communication Department will have at its disposal, in the coming weeks, a Style Book on writing web news and internal and external communications of the URJC .  

The photos taken by this department can be consulted through the following link.