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Friday, April 05, 2024 at 10:16

The URJC and Microsoft, hand in hand in Artificial Intelligence

The URJC and Microsoft, hand in hand in Artificial Intelligence The URJC and Microsoft, hand in hand in Artificial Intelligence

The Rey Juan Carlos University will accelerate the adoption of Microsoft technologies within a transformation process that positions it as one of the first educational institutions that innovate in the implementation of AI in all its processes. The agreement also includes a complete training plan for faculty and staff of the University.

Writing/Raúl García Hémonnet

Microsoft and the Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC) have signed an agreement for the joint development of innovative educational programs thanks to the implementation of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Generative AI.

The alliance, which has been signed by the rector of the URJC, Javier Ramos López, and Alberto Granados, president of Microsoft Spain, marks the beginning of a strategic collaboration that seeks to promote the digital transformation of the university entity and apply technological innovation in the training of their students. Microsoft will help the URJC to offer an innovative training proposal that includes the digital skills required by the business sector, with the aim of improving the employability and incorporation into the labor market of its students.

The transformation project based on Artificial Intelligence, the result of collaboration with Microsoft, will facilitate the integration of this type of technologies in all the processes and services of the URJC. From administrative management to academic research, AI-based tools and systems will be implemented to improve the efficiency and quality of the University's services, benefiting both students and teaching and administrative staff.

In the words of Javier Ramos, rector of the URJC, “through this agreement with Microsoft we are going to analyze the day-to-day life of each member of the university community or of anyone who receives a service from the university. We are going to see all these processes and analyze where the application of AI can make this work more efficient and comfortable. In addition, we are going to carry out specialized training for the staff to achieve this objective.”

“AI is transforming education and research. New applications and use cases will emerge as this technology matures and becomes further integrated into our lives. It is crucial to harness the possibilities that AI offers in an ethical and responsible way to ensure a brighter and more accessible educational future for all. We have to prepare young talent, providing university students with digital skills that help them enter the labor market and improve the competitiveness of the Spanish economy. The agreement with the Rey Juan Carlos University is one more step within this objective that both entities share,” comments Alberto Granados, president of Microsoft Spain.

Training plan

The agreement also contemplates joint work between Microsoft and the Rey Juan Carlos University in the implementation of research and technological innovation activities to improve university education and the development of a training plan especially in the area of ​​Artificial Intelligence and process automation, aimed at University faculty and staff.

With the aim of facilitating the interaction and resolution of queries and needs of the university community, the agreement includes the possibility of implementing intelligent chatbot systems with AI that will form an efficient and accessible communication channel, significantly improving the interaction between students and the University and optimizing available resources.