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Monday, April 08, 2024 at 09:47

The URJC will invest the doctor Antonio Vidal Puig as an Honoris Causa doctor

The URJC will invest the doctor Antonio Vidal Puig as an Honoris Causa doctor The URJC will invest the doctor Antonio Vidal Puig as an Honoris Causa doctor

Next Friday, April 12, the assembly hall of the Faculty of Health Sciences will host the investiture ceremony for which the professor of Metabolism and Molecular Nutrition at the University of Cambridge will receive the highest academic distinction from King Juan University Carlos.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

Antonio Vidal Puig, who will be the next Honoris Causa doctor from the URJC, is a doctor and scientist who currently teaches at the University of Cambridge, specifically in the subjects of Metabolism and Molecular Nutrition.

Vidal Puig studied Medicine at the University of Valencia and specialized in Endocrinology at the University of Granada where he also did his doctorate.

In addition to his work as a teacher, he is a principal investigator at the Wellcome Trust MRC Institute of Metabolic Sciences (Cambridge). He is also Deputy Director at the Metabolic Disease Unit (MRC MDU Unit) as well as Scientific Director of the Cambridge Phenomics Centre.

Vidal Puig directs the TVPLab laboratory where he explores the molecular mechanisms involved in the control of energy expenditure, fat deposition and the processes that determine the use of nutrients towards oxidation to generate energy or storage in the form of fat, fundamental processes to understand the development of obesity.

This laboratory, with its headquarters in England, has satellite laboratories in the Chinese city of Nanjing (Cambridge University Nanjing Center for technology and Innovation) and in Valencia, as a principal investigator at the Príncipe Felipe Research Center, in addition to important ties with the University Singapore National.

Antonio Vidal Puig also has an important relationship with the URJC. He has been an honorary collaborative researcher in the area of ​​Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and has participated in research projects and summer courses at the university.

“We wanted to have the initiative to praise the excellence of his research and have the privilege of being the first university in Spain to have Antonio Vidal Puig as an Honoris Causa doctor,” says Gema Medina Gómez, professor and researcher in the Department of Basic Sciences. who will read the Laudatio at the event next Friday.

Professor Gema Medina completed her three-month predoctoral stay at the University of Cambridge with Antonio Vidal Puig in 1999. Later, the doctor suggested that she do her postdoctoral degree in his laboratory, which began in 2000 for 9 years, as tells in a video made by the Faculty of Health Sciences.

In addition to teaching, Gema Medina coordinates the high-performance research group in the study of the molecular mechanisms of glucolipotoxicity and insulin resistance: implications in obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome at the Rey Juan Carlos University.