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Monday, April 15, 2024 at 09:13

Second edition of the FCEDEI Social Inclusion Conference

Second edition of the FCEDEI Social Inclusion Conference Second edition of the FCEDEI Social Inclusion Conference

An event that will explore the potential of education, arts, music and sports to make exclusionary realities visible.

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On April 18, the Fuenlabrada campus hosts the second edition of the Social Inclusion Conference, organized by the FCEDEI. With the aim of making visible the marginalized realities of our society and promoting respect for diversity.

In this second edition, the conference is positioned as a crucial space to address problems related to social exclusion and fundamental human rights, as Fernando del Villar, dean of the FCEDEI, explains, “this faculty is committed to respect for diversity as priority axis of social inclusion and aims to bring students closer to knowledge about the processes and situations of social exclusion that usually remain invisible."

To this end, a complete program has been composed in which, first of all, the institutional response offered by the URJC to victims of exclusion will be presented, highlighting the work of various units such as the Equality Unit, the Care for People with Disability and special needs, and the Healthy University, among others. In addition, specific projects developed by FCEDEI teachers in various disciplines will be presented, from Education to History, Sociology, Moral Philosophy, Dance and Body Expression. Finally, an analysis of complex realities will be carried out.

The participation of Fernando Mao, president of the International Network to Stop Human Trafficking and Trafficking, stands out in the conference, who will address the issue of human trafficking and smuggling. In addition, the theater company "Los Últimos" will offer a performance on this topic, starring actress Chusa Pérez de Vallejo.

These sessions have the participation of professors from the Faculty who have developed research and intervention projects related to social inclusion, “the aim was to make visible the University services that respond to realities that exclude different people,” he explains. the dean.

The conferences, aimed mainly at FCEDEI students, are open to the entire university community and the general public interested in the topic. With this initiative, the URJC reaffirms its commitment to inclusion and respect for diversity, positioning itself as an institution committed to building a more just and egalitarian society, "for all this, I think it is important to highlight that at the URJC we are the Inclusive Faculty” indicates Del Villar.