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Tuesday, April 23, 2024 at 13:54

The Ü Motorsport team donates its car to the Móstoles campus

The Ü Motorsport team donates its car to the Móstoles campus The Ü Motorsport team donates its car to the Móstoles campus

This Monday, representatives of the URJC Formula Student team delivered the vehicle to the University to be installed in Classroom I on the campus in the town of Mostoleña.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

The car that from now on can be visited on the Móstoles campus has history behind it. It was the vehicle with which the Ü Motorsport team competed in three international Formula Student championships. Two in Spain and one in Holland.

Now, the team has decided to donate the car because, as Daniel Corrales, a 4th year Materials Engineering student and member of Ü Motorsport, points out, “this way we get greater interest from the university community in the project and we make it known more.” .

This URJC student points out that participating in this project has meant, for him, “a discovery of new challenges and the possibility of applying the knowledge of the degree to real life.”

Looking to the future, the Ü Motorsport team plans to “advance along the same lines, although, in this case, developing a carbon fiber monocoque car”, similar to those used in Formula 1 teams.

The person in charge of receiving the vehicle, on behalf of the University, was the vice-rector for Research, Innovation and Transfer, Fernando García Muiña, who pointed out that “this project represents the essence of the vice-rector's office: research and innovation for the resolution of real problems of the industry. It is a training project of great value, not only in technical matters, but also for the development of "soft" skills such as management of interdisciplinary teams or leadership."


Those who want to participate in the following Ü Motorsport challenges should pay attention to their different profiles on social networks. The registration period usually opens between September and October and it is not necessary to have a specific profile, just a desire to learn and work as a team.