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Master of Lifelong Training in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Salesforce from the Rey Juan Carlos University

Own Teachings
Telephone: 91 488 70 40
Contact Academic Address:

Prof. Dr. Simon P. Deffendini S., Ph.D. (URJC - director)    || Prof. Dr. Francisco J. Blanco J., Ph.D. (URJC - co-director) 

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Basic Information


Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) offers the Master in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with Salesforce Business Analyst, Administrator and SalesCloud Consultant certifications. This program focuses on the CRM business process and prepares students to work in the fields of digital marketing and customer relationship management. Salesforce skills, the global leader in CRM applications, are highly valued by employers across various industries and sectors as they help companies gain a competitive advantage and increase profitability. In addition, it is expected that the Salesforce ecosystem will expand by more than 76.000 people in Spain by 2026, which will guarantee students employability of more than 90%. Don't miss the opportunity to stay at the forefront of digital marketing and boost your skills with Salesforce certifications!


The URJC/Salesforce Master in Customer Relationship Management trains professionals for the administration, consulting and automation of CRM processes. The master's degree focuses on improving the professional development of those who wish to change their career, through the acquisition of specific knowledge about automation, data exploitation and productivity tools, based on the use of the Salesforce Heroku platform, the "Cloud " from Salesforce to build cloud applications, of great global relevance in today's business sector. Students will learn various programming languages ​​and develop web applications using Visualforce. They will also learn the structures for carrying out processes, which will allow them to maximize the potential of the Salesforce Ecosystem through the use of APIs, which allow the ecosystem to be integrated with other applications. The program focuses on automating processes, managing data and increasing company productivity. Students will learn to use the tools and techniques necessary to automate repetitive tasks, obtain relevant insights from data, and improve the efficiency of business processes. Graduates of the URJC/Salesforce Master in Customer Relationship Management will be qualified to occupy positions of responsibility in the CRM area.


  • access requirements


This course is aimed at students who have a previous university degree. Students enrolled in a Bachelor's or Double Degree who have a maximum of 30 ECTS credits of an official university degree in Spain or in their countries of origin whose profile matches the functions legally provided for in the corresponding field will be able to access conditionally.

In this case, no type of certification will be obtained until it is proven that one is in possession of the official university degree required for access to postgraduate education.

Exceptionally, they will also be able to access these professional studies without a previous official university degree that certifies work experience in this field. In this case, they will only be eligible for a diploma or a university extension certificate with the same name and number of credits as this Title, in accordance with the equivalence table included in Annex I of the Own Teaching Regulations of the Rey Juan University. Carlos.

Selection criteria

  • In the event that the number of applications exceeds the number of places offered, a selection will be made based on the following criteria for each place:
  • Previous Experience: Candidates who already have experience working with Salesforce or in the CRM field may have one (30%)
  • Academic performance: Grades and academic performance in related courses can be an indicator of a student's potential success in the master's degree. (30%)
  • Diversity: To promote diversity, preference may be given to candidates who bring a unique perspective to the program. This may include candidates from minority groups, international candidates, those with unique life experiences (20%).
  • Letters of Recommendation: References from professors or previous employers can provide valuable insight into the candidate's ability to succeed in the program. (10%)
  • Personal statement: The student's motivation for pursuing the master's degree and how they plan to use the degree in their future career can be an important factor. (10%)

No. of Places: 18 places / 14 places (minimum for teaching)

One (1) place will be reserved for special quotas.

**The start of the course is conditional on the minimum number of enrolled students

Academic Management and Faculty

Academic Excellence and Employability: These are the essential characteristics that make the Salesforce Master of Lifelong Training in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) from the Rey Juan Carlos University a unique master's degree.

Responsible Directors:

Prof. Dr. Simon P. Deffendini S., Ph.D. (URJC - director) Prof. Dr. Francisco J. Blanco J., Ph.D. (URJC - co-director)

Secretariat academic:

Prof. Soranib Hernández de D. (URJC)

Master's Coordinator:

Don Fernando Andrés (Cloud Coaches/ SalesForce)


Mr. Fernando Andrés                           CEO of Cloud Coaches/Salesforce, Computer Engineer with MBA

Dr. Simon P. Deffendini S.                Professor URJC/ uc3m/ UCM/ ED/ CIS. Expert in strategic marketing, digital marketing, digital business and CRM. https://gestion2.urjc.es/pdi/ver/simon.deffendini

Mr. Marco Esteban Illescas                 Manager of Sales Coach Consultants and Graduate in Industrial Electronic Engineering and Automation from the Carlos III University of Madrid. Master in Robotics and Automation from the Carlos III University of Madrid.

Dr. María García de Blanes             URJC Professor. Expert in marketing, sales, operations and business intelligence https://gestion2.urjc.es/pdi/ver/maria.garciadeblanes

Mrs. Aurora Gracia García              Corporate CRM consultant with implementations and Higher Degree in Multiplatform Application Development at IES Francisco de Quevedo, Madrid

Dr. Julián Hernández                         Financial consultant in quantitative, stock market and regulatory analysis.

Mrs. Beatrice Hill                             Corporate CRM consultant with implementations Master in Mathematics at the University of St Andrews, Scotland

Mr. Miguel Houghton Torralba            Prof. Uc3m/UCM/CIS Commercial corporate career with academic teaching at undergraduate and master's level

Dr. Laura Pascual                             URJC Professor Expert in Consumer Behavior, Industrial and Services Marketing and Business Legitimacy. https://gestion2.urjc.es/pdi/ver/laura.pascual

Dr. Pablo Sánchez Ocaña                  URJC Professor Expert in marketing, consumer behavior analysis and CRM. https://gestion2.urjc.es/pdi/ver/pablo.sanchezdeocana

Duration and development

Modality: blended

Number of credits: 60

Contact hours: 360

Place of delivery: URJC Campus: Madrid Quintana

Schedules: Friday (in person): 17:00 p.m. to 21:00 p.m.

Saturday (in person): 9:00 a.m. to 15:00 p.m.

Start date: April 5th 2024

Finish date: October 2024

Reservation of place and enrollment

Pre-registration period: February 22 to March 29, 2024             

Enrollment deadline: February 22 to March 29, 2024             

Title price: 8.900,00 €

Pre-registration: €500. This amount is included in the total cost of the course and will be returned if your academic request is not accepted. If, once the student's application has been admitted, the enrollment is not formalized, the amount deposited for pre-enrolment will not be returned.

** The start of the course is conditional on the minimum number of enrolled students.

Documentation to attach, forms and place of delivery

the applicants they will present all the scanned documentation, in the formats allowed through the telematic self-registration application at the time of applying for admission to own degrees. They must compulsorily attach to their request the declaration of the person responsible for the veracity of the data provided in digital format.

At any time, both the Program Management and the Own Teaching Service may request the applicants to submit said certified/collated documentation through the General Registry, located on the Móstoles Campus, or in any of the registries assistants located in the different campuses of the Rey Juan Carlos University, or by sending it through Certified Mail to: Rey Juan Carlos University. General Registry. Avda. Tulipán s/n. 28933. Mostoles. Madrid

The student is responsible for the veracity and correctness of the data provided, exonerating the Rey Juan Carlos University from any responsibility and guaranteeing and being responsible for its accuracy, validity and authenticity.

Required documentation:

Students with a degree obtained from a Spanish university or a Higher Education Institution belonging to another Member State of the European Higher Education Area that authorizes access to own postgraduate degrees must present the following documentation:

  • National Identity Document or equivalent
  • University degree of the studies that give access to the requested postgraduate degree.
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Responsible declaration of veracity of the data provided in digital format
  • Any other document that the Director of the Own Title specifically requires for its acceptance

Students with a foreign degree must present the following documentation:

  • Passport or Residence Card
  • Foreign Higher Education Degree (Graduate, Graduate, Architect, Engineer Doctor...) that give access to own postgraduate degree studies.
  • Certificate certifying that the studies carried out give access to an Official Postgraduate Degree in your country of origin, issued by the University of origin
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Declaration of the person responsible for the veracity of the data provided in digital format
  • Any other document that the Director of the Own Title specifically requires for its acceptance

Applicants with studies completed in foreign University Centers may be requested at any time a certificate of verification of these studies and centers, issued by an authorized Institution.

All documentation provided must be legalized in accordance with Spanish law and translated by an official translator.