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Friday, April 14, 2023 at 13:42

Health Month at the URJC

Health Month at the URJC Health Month at the URJC

The URJC Healthy University program organizes various activities for the entire month of April, dealing with issues such as food, emotional dependence or pornography.

Nora Fernandez Fernandez   

On the occasion of the commemoration of World Health Day, celebrated on April 7, the URJC Healthy University team has launched several workshops and online talks aimed at PAS and PDI students and staff. 

According to those responsible for the initiative, "all the activities aim to address health issues in its broadest sense, addressing the problems that we have been observing lately, such as the use of social networks and the excess of technology."  

Thus, last Wednesday the 12th the first of the activities was held, entitled 'Social Networks: How do social relations change?'. According to what the people in charge of the program tell us, "the workshop was very well received, with the participation of 120 people and we dealt with issues such as dependency or phenomena such as ghosting, hand in hand with an external psychologist."

As stated by Romero and Cruz, "this is only the first of many other activities that we have prepared for this 'Health Month' at the URJC." The next one is about the consequences of consuming pornography, "an issue that can affect everyone but has special relevance for young people." Last month, this same workshop "was carried out with the PDI staff of the university from another perspective, more as educators, not only at the university but also within their own families."

Now, next Tuesday, April 18, it will be held aimed at students, led by the expert Alejandro Villena, psychologist and clinical sexologist and researcher of the problematic use of pornography.

The next of the Healthy Month initiatives, scheduled for April 21, will be a workshop on responsible alcohol consumption in adults. The speaker will be Teresa Escalante, from the Spanish Spirits Federation, and "the main objective will be to raise awareness of the abuse of alcoholic beverages," Romero and Cruz point out. The same workshop will be given again in May for the PDI and PAS staff of the university, again from a more educational approach.

Another of the points that the Healthy University program wants to address is the issue of food. For this reason, a talk-discussion has been organized on the consumption of functional foods and the impact on our health and that of the planet. “This workshop is part of 'Projects that feed', an initiative that we carry out in collaboration with the Green Office”, point out the coordinators. The person in charge of directing this session will be Visitación López Miranda, professor of Pharmacology at the URJC.

“The last of the actions that we have prepared is to talk about high sensitivity, a little-known and sometimes controversial concept,” Romero and Cruz point out. Teresa Nandín, from the Catalan Association of People with High Sensitivity, will be in charge of explaining the subject to the attendees and offering guidance and support.

On the other hand, those responsible for Universidad Saludable have reported that this month several blood donation points are also set up on the URJC campus, thanks to the Red Cross. “Months ago, all the universities in Madrid got the Challenge 10.000 donations, but we have to continue working on this point”, they point out.

Lastly, in collaboration with the URJC Sports Service and Vice-Rector's Office, "there are two active breaks scheduled to do a little exercise between so much work," Romero and Cruz comment. “This idea of ​​active breaks, getting off work and doing a little exercise, movement or some stretching, is something we want to establish in the future. This is a way to see if there is a reception or not to see if it has a place in the next courses ”, they report. These 'sports events' will take place on April 19 on the Móstoles campus and on April 26 on the Madrid campus. Both will be between 11:00 and 11:15 in the morning.

All the information about the activities and donations can be consulted on its website: https://www.urjc2030.es/prus/actividades-prus/estudiantes-2022-2023/actividades-estudiantes-abril/