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Monday, February 19, 2024 at 13:27 p.m.

The prison from different points of view

The prison from different points of view The prison from different points of view

La Legal Clinic of the URJC presents this Tuesday, February 20, the 'IV Conference on Social Justice' in the degree hall of the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences, located on the URJC Campus in Vicálvaro.

Ramon Machuca

The event will consist of a series of round tables, where the reality of the prison will be explained using as an example different initiatives carried out by the University, such as the philosophy workshops that the URJC carries out in prison or the work of legal support for prisoners. internal that is carried out from the Clinic. At the event, the problem of reintegration will also be addressed, as well as the reality of prisons in Latin America.

In this sense, the day will feature relevant actors in the field such as professors, researchers, lawyers who are experts in penitentiary matters, as well as associations that work in prison, inmates or those responsible for reintegration centers.

The director of the Legal Clinic, Marta Albert, states that the main objective of the day is “to bring the reality of the prison closer to the university community of the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences.” The seminar also aims to “undo many prejudices that still exist in our society about people who have committed crimes, and raise awareness of the fact that the social reintegration of the convicted person is something that concerns us all,” adds the director.

Marta Albert highlights the role of the University: “The URJC has assumed a commitment to the vulnerable population that is reflected in many of its actions, among them, through the work carried out by the legal clinic. These sessions are part of that commitment, because thanks to them we make known the work that our university carries out in the penitentiary environment.”

The Legal Clinic is an office of the Rey Juan Carlos University that provides free legal advice to individuals or groups at risk of social exclusion or in vulnerable situations. In addition, FCJP students can carry out their internships linked to the professional practice of law in this department.

Participation in the event will have the recognition of 0 credits that will be managed through this form.