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Maria Requena

Maria Requena Maria Requena

1. Why did you choose the Advertising and Public Relations career at our university and how has your experience been?

Because of its proximity and because it was a new campus. My experience with the teachers was very good and very up-to-date in terms of subject matter.

2. What has led you to pursue your degree at the URJC?

Nearby and facilities.

3. What do you highlight the most or what do you value most about your university stage at URJC?

The good atmosphere, the platform we used and some of the teachers who were excellent.

4. Would you change anything about your time at URJC?

The secretarial looking bureaucracy like that was insufferable.

5. What has graduating meant to you?

What I expected when I enrolled.

6. What is your employment situation after finishing the degree?

I finished it about 10 years ago. My work situation, since then, is that I am working in the sector I studied.

7. When you finish your degree and become a URJC Alumni, what advice would you give to students who are finishing their studies at this university?

I'm not really into Alumni.

8. How do you imagine yourself professionally in a period of five to ten years?

Same as now.

9. Do you think that the pandemic has affected your work development, or, on the contrary, has it become an opportunity?

It has become an opportunity on a personal level, but on a professional level I cannot evaluate it yet.

10. Do you plan to continue studying and do you value doing it again at our university?

Yes, I plan to do it, but it is something that I do not consider feasible. In college I wouldn't