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Lucia Sanchez Abad

Lucia Sanchez Abad Lucia Sanchez Abad

QUESTION: Why did you choose to study Advertising and Public Relations?

ANSWER: In my case it was very clear to me from the beginning. I have always wanted that in my future profession there would be a very important weight of the relational part, teamwork, etc. In addition, I had several relatives who were dedicated to this field and inspired me. It has always been a professional branch that has caught my attention.

Q: What led you to study at URJC?

A: At the time, when I began to assess where to study, the URJC was a university that I heard very good things about, it had more modern facilities and, in addition, the combination of public transport from where I lived at the time was very good. .

Q: What memories do you have of your passage through it?

A: In general, I have a very good memory of the University. It was a stage of learning and personal growth. I discovered the profession I wanted to pursue and made great friends who are still very important in my life today.

Q: What do you highlight the most or what do you value most about your university stage at URJC?

A: It was one of the most modern public universities in Madrid, with a fairly young team of professors. In addition, personal autonomy in work was greatly favored and creativity was encouraged in them.

Q: Would you change anything from your years at the URJC?

A: In my case, I think that in the degree I studied, Advertising and Public Relations, I would give a little more weight to the part of Public Relations. When I was studying I had little weight, compared to the advertising and marketing part. In addition, I think that the approach to the professional world had to be strengthened more and integrate it well with the theoretical part, so that we can see the practical part of our career.

Q: What did graduating mean to you?

A: A very important step in my life. It was a success achieved and the leap into the professional world. I lived it with enthusiasm as well as nerves, since the student stage was officially over to start my professional career.

Q: Was it easy to find a job after finishing your studies?

A: In my case, where I did my end-of-grade curricular internship, I was hired and renewed. So it was a big step and I quickly found a job. But I know that in general young people, as the situation was then and as it is currently, we don't have it easy at all.

Q: How do you imagine yourself professionally in five years?

A: I hope and wish to continue learning and growing both personally and professionally. I have found my true vocation in the world of social responsibility and public/institutional relations. Therefore, I hope to continue establishing myself in this professional field and continue my professional career.

Q: Do you plan to continue studying soon?

A: Of course. I think it is very important to stay current and learn as much as we can throughout our lives. Although it is no longer a master's degree or another career, I believe that it is essential for any professional to continue renewing their knowledge, with courses, etc. Every year I try to take a course that gives me something on a personal and professional level, and to continue developing myself.

Q: Would you value doing it again at our university?

A: Yes, why not? If there is any of the courses that fits with the professional moment in which I am and with the working hours, I would repeat without a doubt.

Q: As an Alumni of the URJC, what advice would you give to students who are finishing their studies at this university?

A: That they live this stage with enthusiasm since the transition to the world of work is an incredible moment in the life of any person. It is a before and after. It's like you came out of the shell. Although it is normal for them to be afraid or uncertain, they must be clear that each one of us has the necessary resources to face this challenge, and that we always have to start at the starting point in order to move forward and grow. This growth results in personal and professional improvement and in many successes. Making mistakes is totally normal. The important thing is to recover and redirect our path.