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Thursday, June 22, 2023 at 15:23

Five URJC master's degrees among the 50 best in 'El Mundo'

The Rey Juan Carlos University manages to position itself among the best centers in disciplines such as the Environment, Tourism, Teacher Training, Physiotherapy and Journalism.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

At the gates of the month of July a new edition of the '50 best master's degrees' chosen by the newspaper 'El Mundo' has arrived. In 2023, five URJC master's degrees have been included in a selection made up of the 250 best postgraduate programs in Spain in 50 specialties and the five best entities where they are taught. The classification is elaborated after the analysis of 25 criteria and the opinion of 800 professors.


It debuts in this classification on 'Master's Degree in Teacher Training in ESO, Baccalaureate FP and Languages', which appears in the 5th position of its category. About him, the media highlights that "his 14 educational itineraries combine a multidisciplinary and general training with a specialized one."

For Diana Benito Osorio, deputy vice-rector for strategy, "the position obtained in the master's degree in Teacher Training in ESO, Baccalaureate, FP and Languages ​​is even more relevant if one considers that it has an enrollment of 532 students and is offered by 68 Spanish universities , a more than remarkable competence in this field. The selection of this master's degree among the best reflects the commitment of the Rey Juan Carlos University to provide quality education and train highly trained professionals in the field of education. This milestone definitely means that the URJC occupies a position among the 400 best universities on the planet in contributing to the achievement of SDG4 -Quality Education-”.

It also appears for the first time the 'Master in Motor Neurocontrol', occupying 5th place in the Physiotherapy category, this degree highlights the fact that “in all subjects great importance is attached to new technologies and scientific advances. Offer a total of 50 places”.

Two degrees, among the top 3 in their specialty

Two of these qualifications manage to place themselves on the podium in their specialty, it is the 'Master in International Tourism Management', (3rd) and the 'Interuniversity Master's Degree in Ecosystem Restoration', (3rd). Regarding the first, the Unidad Editorial newspaper highlights that "the URJC is part of the UNWTO and houses the University Center for Tourism Studies." Regarding the second, the medium draws attention to the fact that it “simultaneously offers a research orientation to evaluate a doctoral thesis and a professional one. Its teaching staff is multidisciplinary and has a high academic profile”.

On the other hand, in 5th place in its category is the 'Master RTVE-URJC' of Journalism, of which 'El Mundo' highlights the novelty of its equipment and the presence of highly qualified professionals among the teaching staff.

According to Diana Benito Osorio, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Strategy, “this recognition is a testament to the constant effort of the Rey Juan Carlos University to offer high-quality postgraduate programs and stay at the forefront in different areas of study. The selected master's degrees are a reflection of our academic strength, the success of our collaboration with other leading institutions and our focus on sectors that are relevant to society as a whole. The Rey Juan Carlos University will continue working to offer leading postgraduate programs in their fields and maintain its position as a reference institution in higher education”.

Undoubtedly, the new edition of 'The 50 best master's degrees' of 'El Mundo' brings, once again, good news for URJC postgraduate degrees.