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Educational systems of the EU or other countries with an agreement

Students who have completed their secondary education in Member States of the European Union or with which there is a reciprocity agreement regarding university access.

Students who enter through this quota belong to group 1 in the cut-off marks.

Students with nationality from non-Spanish-speaking countries who also come from the educational system of a country whose language is not Spanish, must accredit a B2 level in Spanish, except in the Degree in Translation and Interpreting, which will require a C1 level in Spanish and (B2 in English).

How to get accreditation

Apply for "Qualification for University Admission" at UNEDAssis

How to raise grade for admission

  • Passing the specific competence tests (PCE) through UNEDAssis
  • Requesting recognition of subjects studied or evaluated in their educational system of origin
    • Only subjects completed and/or completed in the two years prior to the date of issue of the UNED accreditation will be recognized.
  • Overcoming the Voluntary Phase of the EvAU in a Spanish public university
    • The qualification of the subjects of the Voluntary Phase will be valid for access during the two academic years following the completion of the same.

Documentation to provide

The documentation must be attached electronically. During the academic year, the physical presentation of the documentation that cannot be verified as valid digitally will be requested.

Provisional documents, drafts or documents without legal validity will not be accepted.

  • DNI, NIE or Passport
  • Accreditation issued by UNED (only those issued after June 8, 2021 are valid, but only those passed or recognized in the years 2022 and 2023 will be taken into account for the purposes of calculating the admission grade)
  • If applicable, Voluntary Phase card/s:
    • With secure verification code or electronic signature. Failing this, with the stamp and signature of the issuing body
  • In case of requesting access to degrees with Specific Test/language level test
    • Request to take the tests/language level test
    • Proof of payment of the fees for the Specific Test/language level test
    • In case of total or partial exemption from fees: Documentation that justifies said exemption (Disability, Large family...)