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University graduates

Those students who are in possession of an official university degree of Bachelor, Diploma, Degree, Master or equivalent will be able to access through this route.

The admission grade will be the average grade obtained in the access qualification.

Students who enter through this quota belong to group 2 in the cut-off marks.

1% of the total number of places offered for each degree is reserved.

Documentation to provide

The documentation must be attached electronically. During the academic year, the physical presentation of the documentation that cannot be verified as valid digitally will be requested.

Provisional documents, drafts or documents without legal validity will not be accepted.

  • DNI, NIE or Passport
  • Academic certificate with grades and final average grade
    • Students who have completed a 2nd cycle Bachelor's degree must also provide the academic certificate of the degree that gave them access to that 2nd cycle
  • Title or proof of having paid the fees to obtain the title
  • In case of requesting access to degrees with Specific Test/language level test
    • Request to take the tests/language level test
    • Proof of payment of the fees for the Specific Test/language level test
    • In case of total or partial exemption from fees: Documentation that justifies said exemption (Disability, Large family...)