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External internships (students)

Students can carry out two types of external internships, curricular and extracurricular. Curricular external internships are those that can be evaluated, and are included as mandatory in the study plan of the degree that the student is pursuing. The extracurricular external internships are those that, later, the students will be able to carry out voluntarily until the end of their degree.

The management of external internships is the responsibility of the External Internship Unit, except in the cases of internships for the Degree in Early Childhood Education and Primary Education, and the Master's Degree in Teacher Training. Students of these degrees should consult their practice manual specific. Likewise, the Regulation of External Internships is not applicable to clinical internships included in the study plans of the degrees in Psychology, Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Dentistry and Occupational Therapy and in the following master's degrees: Master's Degree in Aspects Clinical and Basic Pain, and Master's Degree in Critical Care.

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